How To Catch A Mouse

There is nothing more frustrating than finding out you have a little unwanted visitor. There is something about a fast moving rodent that does not in any way bring any Disney type emotion when you spot Mickey running through your kitchen.

There are many ways to catch a mouse some are even cruel the decision as to what extreme you want to use is yours and you’re only.

There are a few very effective methods that won't leave a mess and that you will be able to deal with. If you are like me then you do not want to have any contact with the rodent. There are walk in traps that you set with bait like peanut butter or cheese. These types of traps are easy to set up and if place in the path of where Mickey likes to travel it should take a few days trap the little guy. The nice thing about walk in traps is that once the mouse is caught you just need to throw out the trap never seeing the mouse. There are some types of traps that allow the release of the rodent away from the house.

The other method is the glue trap which is perhaps one of the most effective methods for catching mice. The best trick to catch a mouse with glue traps in not only baiting the trap, but placing traps around a known area where mice like to hide. In a kitchen mice like to hide under the stove or refrigerator. The best method is making a line with traps around the path. If it's the stove place traps in a line from the wall around the opening at the bottom of the stove until the other wall. This will create a situation that the mouse can't overcome. If it tries to go under the stove it's going to get stuck. The glue traps work, but they can be a little yucky when you handle the trap for disposal. If you have mice you are not going to like to pick up the trap with one stuck to it and in most cases still alive. This method is for the brave at heart.

The old fashion way of catching a mouse is rather simple and in most cases very effective. You need a bucket filled with a little water enough to drown a mouse and that it cannot jump out. Once you have your bucket ready set it in an area that you have spotted your little rodent friend. The next step is setting up a piece of wood that will be used a path to the top of the bucket. Once you have the wood seat up place a little peanut butter on the end of the wood. The idea is to get the mouse to climb up to the top and fall over the edge into the water. When baiting the wood you want to make sure the peanut butter is under the edge. The chances are that the mouse will try to get the peanut butter and fall into the bucket. The clean up for this method is the easiest. The bucket just needs to be dumped down the toilet or take it outside and pour down the sewer.

 These three methods have worked well for many people and solved the problem of catching a mouse. Once the mouse is caught you want to make sure to prevent more rodents from making it into your home. Never leave food unsealed make sure you have containers that keep food stored securely. Keep floors clean making sure food does not get under tables or counters. The mouse is looking for food if there is no food then it might move on. If mice are having babies then you want to do everything to stop an infestation. If you see more than one mouse running around than traps might not be the best solution. If you think you have a large number of mice then a professional service might be necessary. It's going to cost you to hire an extermination company, but its well worth it to get rid of the bigger rodent problem.