Arceus Picture

How to Catch Arceus Picture

If you are familiar with Pokemon then it is more than likely you also are aware of what Arceus is. If not, then allow me to introduce you to the most powerful Pokemon in existence and the most recently revealed one. Arceus is a grey being in the Pokemon universe similar to that of a horse or centaur.

According to multiple Pokemon legends, it is said that Arceus is the most powerful Pokemon to ever exist and that he might even be responsible for the creation of the Pokemon universe itself!

Although he is generally a peaceful being, due to his immense power, he has the ability to destroy things instantaneously. But also has the ability to bring back the things he has destroyed just as quickly. He has the ability to transform into any shape or being that he desires and he is the only Pokemon who has the ability to make pass judgment.

So how exactly do you catch Arceus? I thought you would never ask. Although there are multiple nefarious ways to catch Arceus, there are also a few ways to catch him the proper way as well. For instance, some crafty Pokemon player somewhere discovered that you can catch Arceus by cheating and using Action Replay Codes. The honest way to catch Arceus although is through an Arceus Giveaway event, one of which has already been held in Japan and one is supposed to be held in America soon although the details haven't been released yet. When you attend the Arceus Giveaway event you will be given the Azure Flute, which is a magical flute needed to catch Arceus.

When you attain the Azure Flute you need to go to Spear Pillar. Once at Spear Pillar, you walk all the way up to the very top of Spear Pillar and use the Azure Flute which is in your bag. Stairs should magically appear right in front of you and when they do, then don't wait but walk up immediately. Once you walk up the stairs you will be in the Hall of Origin, which is the lair of Arceus and now all you will have to do is defeat him in battle and he is yours!

If you would like to attain Arceus in real life you should definitely consider purchasing an Arceus plush toy, or one of the other Arceus toys that are available. They are available worldwide from Japan to America and can be purchased from as well.

You can easily find Arceus plush toys, Arceus action figures, as well as a plethora of other Arceus toys.

If you would like to have even more fun with the most powerful Pokemon in existence, why not learn how to draw Arceus with Arceus Coloring Pages? These handy guides will teach you step by step how to draw this magical beast so that you can literally summon him anywhere that you go. Once you master drawing Arceus with Arceus Coloring Pages, you can use him in the Pokemon Universe as well as in this, the real universe with ease.