Fishing for bass is a lot of fun!  That is probably why it is one of the most popular types of fish for both beginners and advanced fishermen to fish for.  How to catch bass is easy to learn but tough to master.  The most important thing to remember though is that it takes patience to learn how to catch bass.  This guide will teach you the best tips and tricks for beginners to know before setting out on your fist bass fishing trip!  This guide will discuss how to fish for bass with a regular rod and reel, not fly fishing for bass.


Learning when to go fishing is one of the most important tips on how to catch bass.  One of the questions I am asked most often by new fishermen is "when is the best season to catch bass?"  Well, one great thing about catching bass is that every season is bass season!  People fish for bass year-round and have a lot of success every month of the year.  However, there are times which are better for fishing for bass.  Read carefully because this might be the best secret of how to catch bass.  The best time to catch bass is early morning or in the evening at sunset.  The reason for this is that those times are when bass usually feed, making you much more likely to catch some big ones!


The location of where you're fishing is extremely important which is why I included it in this article about how to catch bass.  The most popular place to fish for bass is lake fishing so that is what I will discuss here.  When fishing in a lake, you need to take into account the weather you are fishing in to determine where to fish.  If it is really hot outside, you will want to go to where the water is deep and/or a place where there is shade.  Just like humans, bass want to stay cool.  In order to do that they will stay down deep in the water where it is cooler or rest underneath tree cover.  In colder and mild weather, bass are usually found at the surface of the water.


Another major aspect to learning how to catch bass is learning what type of bait to use and when.  What type of tackle you should be using depends on what the weather is.  If the weather is warm and therefore most of the bass are at the bottom, it is best to use plastic worms or lures that you can bounce along the bottom.  If the weather is more chilly or really cold, there is a wider range of fishing lures for bass you can use.  Some people use spinnerbaits while many others prefer live bait such as minnows.  I have also heard that quite a few Rapala lures, Heddon lures, and Strike King lures work well for bass.  All of these can be purchased from Fishing Tackle Unlimited.


You have now learned the basics how to catch bass.  Now all it takes is some patience, a little determination, and some practice in order to become really successful and haul in the big ones!  Plus, once you learn how to catch bass, it will be easier to learn tips on how to catch other fish like crappie fishing tips.  For more advice, I highly recommend you check out some online forums about bass fishing for more information.  There you can also find bass pictures and bass fishing videos.