Inline SpinnerCredit: Raymond E

Now that we have constructed our inline spinner [1] let's explore some miscellaneous methods used in fooling our finned friends with these artificial devices.  Beginning  anglers will be content with simply casting and steadily retrieving their spinners.  Using this method will surely catch the fledgling angler some fish.  However, there is so much more that one can learn about using different techniques for enticing a fish to strike.  The hits can be bone jarring, so hang on tight to that fishing rod.  Be sure to try some variances of your retrieve for more frequent results in fish taking your offering.   

Surface RetrieveCredit: Ramond E

One method that has been proven to be productive for me throughout the years has been to retrieve the spinner with the rod tip held high.  This is done while cranking the reel handle just fast enough so that the spinners' blade physically makes a wake at the water's surface.  The fish seem to be called up from the depths as a reaction to all the commotion that is being created by retrieving the bait in this manner. Sometimes you will see a fish follow the spinner before the strike occurs.  If this happens do not set the hook until you feel the weight of the fish on the end of your line.

The second method that I have used with good success is one of making a long cast well beyond the structure that designates the intended target.  Start the retrieve of the spinner at a moderate speed.  Continue cranking the reel at this speed until your spinner reaches the predetermined target. This is the area where you think the fish may be holding.  Then dramatically increase the speed of your presentation.  This creates what the professional anglers refer to as a reaction strike.  Your intended quarry thinks whatever this thing is that just zipped by them is getting away. The fish doesn't want this to happen so it will chase the speeding spinner down and try to devour it.  This method has created some bone crushing strikes for me through the years.

The next method that is a variance of the second one.  Just as before a long cast is made.  Only this time when the lure gets to your predetermined spot completely stop cranking the reel.  This will cause the spinner to drop through the water column.  The fish attacks the spinner as it falls thinking that it is an injured bait fish which to them is an easy meal.

YOYO RetrieveCredit: Raymond E

Another method that I have used in my arsenal of retrievals is one that I refer to as the yo yo method.  Just as the name implies the retrieve involves starting and stopping numerous times until there is either a take or you have brought the spinner back to your rod tip.  You should vary the speed as you try to see what the fish want.  

Be creative with your presentations and you may just be pleasantly surprised.  Experiment and find what works well for you on any particular day.  What seems to work on one day, may not be productive at all on the next outing.  

You know that it is great to be competitive with family and friends but don't lose sight of what fishing is all about. Having fun is what fishing is all about.  Good luck and I hope this helps you catch a boat load of big fish.