Perch are one of the most fished for pan fish. They can be elusive at times but not entirely impossible to catch. They don't get very large but just a few will make for a great dinner and more than a few are always welcomed at fish fries.

PerchCredit: by Lime82

Things You Will Need

Tackle box
Fishing pole
Attractor hooks

Catch Perch with a lightweight rod and real with 2 - 6 pound line. Use a size 8 hook with small split shot sinker 8 - 10 inches above hook. They like the bright colored attractor hooks also. Use small bait when fishing for them as their mouths are small.Bee moths are also effective as bait when fishing for them.

Perch like cooler water and are usually found in deep water, almost all the way to the bottom. Use a small bobber that is sensitive to bites when fishing for perch and set your line deep.

They are a highly migratory schooling fish. Once you have caught a perch, remember the depth and get your fishing line back out as soon as possible. They tend to move off quickly and can be very difficult to follow.

Once a perch is on your line, set hook with a quick snap of your wrist and reel it in. Cast again quickly before the school moves off in a different direction. It takes more than a few perch for dinner so don't settle on just catching one or two of them, they are delicious and worth the effort!