Catching a foul ball at a Major League Baseball game is a relatively rare occurrence. The average Major League Baseball game is attended by 30,000 fans, and there are an average of 50 foul balls per game, many of which do not even make it into the stands. Even if every foul ball went out of play, the odds of a fan catching a ball at the average game are 1 in 600. This is perhaps why catching a foul ball is such a thrill. It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience. While this thrill is often thought of as a childhood goal, the dream doesn't suddenly end when you turn 18. Maybe adults are better at math, but they still dream of snagging their very own foul ball. Whether you want a foul ball for yourself or for a child, there are several ways to improve your odds.

Things You Will Need

A good ticket
Baseball glove

Step 1

Sit where the most foul balls are hit. When buying tickets, focus on the areas between the dugouts and foul polls, along the first base and third base foul lines. Most foul balls are hit into the lowest level, but the upper levels in these sections are good locations as well. A decent location is behind home plate, but the area directly behind home plate is often blocked by a screen.

Step 2

Take you baseball glove to the ball game. If you don't want to seem childish by wearing your baseball glove, keep it in a bag or under your seat where it won't be seen, but is still easily and quickly accessible if a foul ball comes screaming your way. Think of it this way: what is more embarrassing, whipping out your glove and making a nice play on a foul ball or dropping one, on national television perhaps, with your bare hands?

Step 3

Go for the rebound. If you don't have a glove, wait for some other poor gloveless soul to attempt to catch a rapidly falling and spinning pop fly, or, worse, a screaming line drive. When the ball enters your section, get down on the ground and wait for the ball to bounce off the guy who hasn't caught a ball since little league, let alone without a glove. Then, snag the ball on the rebound or on the roll.

Step 4

Bring a child with you. Children are foul ball magnets. People love to give foul balls to children. You should probably let the child keep the ball, but maybe he will let you play with it once in awhile. Array

Tips & Warnings