Many men and women ask themselves the same question every year. They want to find a way to celebrate Valentine's Day without spending a lot of money. How to spend Valentine's Day this year without spending a lot of money is the question. They are looking for ideas to make the day special, but they do not want to spend a great deal of money. The answer is easy. Spend it at home, but make it a little romantic and enjoyable.

Things You Will Need

Meal plan


Bon Jovi CD

Rose petals


Step 1

Plan a dinner at home without the kids if you have any. Send the kids to grandma's house or to friends. There is always someone who will want to take the kids.

Step 2

Plan a special meal that you both will enjoy. Make it something that you really enjoy, but do not have all the time. Do not forget to include a bottle of wine to set the mood.

Step 3

Set the table with two place settings and add some candles to the table. This combined with the fantastic dinner and wine will provide a romantic setting.

Step 4

Play some soft music in the background. The dinner can last as long as you like. After dessert, you might retire to the living room for some conversation or to the bedroom.

Step 5

Have a basket of rose petals so you can make a trail to the bedroom when you are ready to retire to the bedroom. Sprinkle a few petals on the bed and turn on the CD by Bon Jovi, "Bed of Roses" to make the room more romantic.

The night will go along very nicely and the two of you will spend a romantic Valentine's Day together getting to know each other again.

Tips & Warnings

Never rush the night to end.