A doggy birthday party can be great fun for all the guests. Have your four-legged party goers bring their humans along to share the fun.

You will all have a memorable time filled with laughter and barking alike. Invite your friends who have reasonably well-trained pooches and only those who are housebroken.

Send out special dog birthday party invitations written specifically to the pets of your friends and family. If you have an outdoor setting for the festivities, that would be best, as you don't want doggy accidents in the house.

You can serve snacks on the patio with specially decorated plates, cups, napkins and a dog gone good birthday cake.

There are dog favors, the blowers with a puppy face on them. You can buy party hats for those dogs who will wear them. Maybe they will keep them on long enough for a few photos.

There are fun games to play too. A simple but fun game is throw the Frisbee. Assign the task of throwing the Frisbees to two or three human guests.

The dog who brings back the most throws is the winner. It is good to have three Frisbees going so no one pup feels left out of the fun. Keep score and award a rubber bone to the winner.

A more elaborate game requires setting up a canine obstacle course. Use two chairs with a pole between them for a low ump. Make a crawl through tunnel out of cardboard.

For the final test, hold up a hula hoop decorated with red streamers to simulate a ring of fire for them to jump through. Prize goes to the dog who runs the course correctly in the shortest time.

Live it up and laugh it up. Have extra treats for all the canine friends. They will enjoy showing off their tricks such as sitting up and shaking hands to get a snack. Better have a human cake too so everyone can enjoy a treat at your special dog birthday party.

Both humans and dogs can enjoy a fun dog birthday party every once in a while. So why not let your dog get the attention he or she deserves? Don't know your dog's birthday? Why not celebrate it on the anniversary of when you he or she became part of your family?