Safe & Happy HolidaysThe holidays can be a dangerous time to the year for children. Child safety should be made a priority to ensure that the holidays are fun and festive for everyone without any nasty surprises. Nothing can put a damper on the holidays more than an unexpected trip to the pediatrician or worse a trip to the hospital. The kids are out of school and with all the hustle and bustle surrounding the shopping, guests, and meals, kids' safety can easily be over looked.

Things You Will Need

Proper safety equipment, age appropriate toys

Step 1


Every parent, grandparent and care giver should learn infant and child CPR incase of an emergency. Also know where the nearest hospital is located. In addition, as soon as children reach an age where they can understand the purpose of calling 911, teach them how, why and under what circumstances to call.

Step 2

Fire Extinguishers

Never leave a child unattended in a room with lit candles, space heaters or open fireplaces. Children need to be taught that fires, heaters and even stoves while cooking are hot and dangerous. Keep fire extinguishers in strategic locations around the house and learn how to operate them. Also, make sure that smoke detectors have fresh batteries and are operational.

Step 3

Toy Shop

Make sure that toys are age appropriate. Toys should match their age and skill level. Also, new and used toys should be checked regularly for damage. A broken toy can be a potential source for cuts or choking on small parts that break off.

Step 4

Tree lights and electrical cords provide another source of potential safety issues. Children can be become tangled in the cords causing falls or possible choking. The cords and electrical outlets can also cause electrical shock and severe burns.

Step 5

Car Seat

Car seat safety is another important issue. Whenever you drive anywhere with kids, make sure they are secured in the appropriate car seat and if out of a car seat they are safely buckled up with a seat belt.

Child safety is important throughout the year but especially during the holidays when things are hectic. Take the extra steps to protect the children around you.

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