If you're a fan of the television show The Office, you probably have seen the episode where employees of Dunder Mifflin engage in their own version of the Olympic Games. If the constant Olympic coverage by television, radio, newspaper and websites has left you and other employees at your company with Olympic fever, consider having your own celebration of the Olympics at work.

Watch the Olympics
Depending upon the workplace, it may be possible to watch the Olympics while at work. This is true especially if you work in a place with minimal traffic, phone calls or interference. Having a television on with the Olympic Games being displayed in a central location in the office allows employees to check in or watch their favorite athlete while also completing their work and staying on task. It can also help build morale and teamwork since it gives employees a break from the everyday monotony of the office place while also giving them a common topic to discuss.

Celebrate Achievements
While the Olympics recognize greatness in athletes in a variety of different sports, use the moment to recognize the contributions of the different people in your office or business. Highlight what strengths they bring to the workplace and how they contribute to the team. Make certificates or obtain prizes to give to the employees as recognition of their service. Host your own awards ceremony by setting aside time during an afternoon meeting or catering a special luncheon specifically for the employees.

Sponsor a Family Fun Night or Day
The Olympics celebrate the best of ice skating, hockey, speed skating and other winter sports. Find out if your community has a skating rink or hockey team. Rent out the rink for your employees and their families or obtain tickets to a local hockey game to distribute to employees. Establish a family fun event based on the rental or the tickets. Encourage employees to bring their families by making it free and giving away prizes or free food if possible. Show employees that while you may not be able to raise their salary you appreciate the work they do.

Host Office Olympics
Create your own Olympic games based on common tasks and aspects of your office and your business. Connect them to tasks that need to be performed, or simply create games for fun. For example, find out which employee can type the fastest or learn which one can make the best coffee or snacks using only ingredients from the break room. Encourage group participation and friendly competition. Consider prizes important to employees such as free meals, bonuses or vacation days.

Regardless of how you choose to incorporate the Olympics into your workplace, it's important to remember to include all employees in the celebration. Ensure no one feels left out or slighted as this can lead to hurt feelings, bad morale and poor teamwork. Celebrating the Olympic Games should be a fun event for everyone and not a strain or detriment to personal relationships and workplace productivity.