Children who are bored at school because things are too easy for them need additional challenges.

Managing the education your children receive may seem simple with the availability of public schools in the United States. If the education provided by the public schools is not enough for your children, you have attempted to work with the schools, and the district with little results you have other options for challenging your children.


The simplest and possibly the most inexpensive way to give your children more challenging school work is to give them workbooks that will develop their strengths. The beauty of this approach is that workbooks are available on a range of topics and are typically broken down by age or grade level. Not only can you challenge those who are ahead, this is also a great tactic to use when you need to build the skills of your child who may be a bit behind grade level. Because the workbooks can be a bit tedious, make sure to come up with some sort of appropriate reward for when your children achieve goals like a chapter of the workbook, or finishing the entire thing depending on the book and their age.

Family Field Trips

School projects are now most often focused on mathematic and reading, so a great way to challenge your children without them even knowing it is to take field trips where you learn about different topics than the ones that are covered at school. The other beauty of this approach is you can play to your own child’s passions whether it is studying animals at the zoo or learning about history and trains at the train museum. You can turn any errand into a chance to learn, too, even if it is about prices and how they are different based on quantities. Using these daily opportunities rounds out the education your children receive and make up for areas where your child’s typical school day lacks. You can make these educational field trips work on just about any size budget and even a once-in-a-lifetime vacation can be a one large learning opportunity.

Seek Out Schooling Options

If your children are bored and unmotivated in their classroom and other options for challenging  them are not working or are not realistic for your family it may be time to look into other schooling options. Depending on your local area there may be one other schooling options or more than 10. Researching all the options and choosing the best option for your children may end up being one of the hardest tasks you will handle as a parent, but the work you put in will help shape the future of not just your own children, but your family as well. Many people suggest home schooling as it is one of the most commonly available options for children’s schooling. If home schooling is not a good option for you or your children, do not think you have no options. There are charter schools available, private schools that may provide scholarships, Montessori schools and others. Learn about all the options you have and make an educated decision.