Change Google Settings

On September 8, 2010, Google introduced a new and updated feature to their search engine. Instead of using the typical blank bar where you type in your query, keywords, or search terms, Google has introduced Google Instant. The purpose of Google Instant is to revolutionize search by giving the person searching dynamic results. What all that means is that they get search results in real time and before they are even done typing in their keywords or search terms. With Google Instant the person searching the web no longer needs to press enter.

A lot of writers and web content managers are concerned that this new Google Instant is going to wreck search engine optimization (SEO) as it is known. Google has already given a "warning" to users of Google Analytics that the page impressions will likely go up. Instead of a page impression occurring once a person is on your website, it will now track an impression under two more cases. The first is if "the user begins to type a term on Google and clicks on a link on the page, such as a search result, ad, or a related search" which makes it sound like multiple pages will get an impression. You will also get a page impression if your page is in the search results and the person searching stops typing for three seconds.

Turn Off Google Instant Search Settings

If you are an avid Google search engine user, but do not like Google Instant then turn it off. In the beginning, it seemed as though it was permanent, but you can completely control the Google Instant search engine.

Here is a step by step to Change Google Search Settings:

1. Type in to get to the regular Google search page. It should be blank.

2. Type in one letter or number. Anything that initiates Google Instant. You only need to type "a" and it will start pulling up search results. Although the picture is tiny, you should be able to see in approximation to the Google logo where you need to look for the words "instant is on". Look at where the arrow is pointing.

Turn Google Instant Off

3. Click on "instant is on". This drops down a very small box that gives you two options. One is to change Google search settings and turn off Google Instant. To do this you simply click on the link that says "off, press enter to search". The second option is to read more about Google Instant.

4. Or. Go to your Google preferences to change Google search settings. Here you can actually add filters and other things to your Google results. You can turn off Google Instant using your preferences as well as change other settings. That is found at

5. Continue on with your day.

Google's Search Engine Changes

If anything, it will help to change the Google settings and turn off Google Instant. The most simple way is through the drop down where the arrow points. Although a lot of folks may not know that they can turn it off or change settings, it is helpful to pass the word along.

According to Google, the search engine rankings are not going to be effected by this search engine change. While that makes sense, it is still a matter of searchers finding your content with the added distraction of information constantly changing on the page.

As always, use search engine optimization and keyword research.