In order to have a successful fat loss program, proper nutrition is the key.  Most people however follow the same path where diets are concerned.  The key to an improved diet is a slow and steady change.

If you are like everyone else, you decide that you are going to eat healthy and go gangbusters right at the start.  Then a few days or weeks go by and it is hard to make such a dramatic change that you end up just giving up.  There is a better way.

Start of Slow: Make One Change at a Time

The key to successful fat loss and a change in your diet is to take it slow.  While this may sound counter intuitive, in reality it makes a lot of sense.

When you focus on one thing it is a lot easier to master that thing than it is to be doing too much.  Imagine trying to learn four languages at the same time.  It would be easier to focus on one until you have it mastered before you move on to the next.

The same goes for changes in your diet.  By picking one thing to change you can focus on it until you form a healthy habit.

How to Start

The best place to start is to sit down and make a list of your poor diet habits and then rank them in order of the most harmful.  You will also want to take a look at ease of change so that you can make sure you have early success.

Some examples might include: quit or reduce pop consumption, salt, trans-fat, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, processed food, and the list can go on.  Once you have a list you can then determine which ones are the easiest to complete or most valuable to your fat loss to complete.

For example if you decide that you want to quit drinking pop, that is the diet change you focus on for a month or two.  Now that doesn’t mean you have free reign on everything else you eat.  Don’t replace drinking pop while you watch television with eating potato chips.

After you knock one off the list you start with the second.  After awhile you have replaced several unhealthy habits with several healthy ones.  This will keep you on track and interested and you will be less likely to fall off the wagon because of such a drastic change.

My Example

Just to give you an idea how it worked for me, I started seven years ago by quitting the use of a salt shaker and being cognizant of sodium content in foods I eat.  That was a major change.

Over four years ago I made the decision to quit drinking pop.  I got really sick of water for awhile but eventually it felt normal to not drink pop anymore.

These are two major changes I’ve made and the amount of calories and sodium I have not put in my body has had a tremendous effect on my health and weight.  So sit down tonight and make a list and get started today.