Have you ever heard of the people who make a traumatic change in their lives and just totally turn themselves around? The power of the mind is a funny thing, it can build synapses and networks within ourselves that can destroy ourselves with a smile on our faces... or it can build such mental connections as to make us like a mental Hercules.

Strong & discipline in all the actions that we do and adhere to.

You see, change can happen in a second. You never think of these life-changing decisions happening as the cause of a gradual build-up. That's not really the way ultimate change happens for people. Instead there is a major shift in priorities that makes the difference.

Finally deciding you're not going to just lose weight but get healthy. Finally deciding you're going to be better with your work ethic instead of slothing off into unproductive land and so on.

How to Change Your Life in 60 Seconds

You can change your life from poverty-stricken mindset to an abundance mindset easy. You just deicde you will.

See most people when they make decisions they're really just cobbling together a wishlist of sorts. They're not really putting any meaning behind what they are saying when they say they will change. Versus you sitting down with your mental self and really saying out loud and proud that you MEAN the decision you are going to make!

When you decide that this decision is permanent, that the old part of your life that allowed the opposite of this decision will no longer be a part of you forever on, that is when real power begins to happen.

You do this by associating tons and massive amounts of pain with the choice that you don't want to make. While also associating a massive amount of pleasure to the choice that you do want to make.

By doing this, you can reprogram yourself instantly. And it is incredibly powerful. Once you learn how to do this completely, anything in life can be yours should you really sit down and make the decision to have it.