For some folks 2010 has been a bad year. An oil rig blew up. Some miners got stuck at the bottom of mine shaft. And at least one of those miners had his wife and mistress meet for the first time. Or you could be that guy who Octo Mom owes rent to. Nobody likes her and she has 14 mouths to feed. So good luck to you on getting the rent.

So those or other reasons, you may need to change your luck. How to do that? Well, you could get married. That is if you are not married already since bigamy is against the law in most states. It turns out that 10/10/10, or Oct 10, 2010 is considered the luckiest possible time to get hitched amongst many people. So you could get married and play all the combination of numbers that add up to 10 on Oct 10th on games of chance and then surely your luck would change.

If getting married seems like an extreme means of changing your luck you could do what the numerologists recommend. Find your Destiny Number, your Soul Urge, your Life Path number. Some of us might call that your lucky number. Well we could embark on some arcane, mysterious voyage of discovery wherein your destination, mode of transportation and above all cost are all unknowns. In a quest to find the one number that rules your life. Or you could figure that the ancient peoples who came to the conclusion that ten repeated three times would be lucky might have a thing or two on the ball.

Many couples have chosen 10/10/10 as a day to marry both for luck and because they believe the date will be easy to remember on the anniversary.

Nerds have noticed that if you read 101010 as a binary number it comes out as 42. Which a computer known as Deep Thought from a book called The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy said is the answer to life, the universe and everything. So maybe 42 is supposed to be your lucky number.

But then again, let us suppose you are a born contrarian. You zig when others zag. You cannot help yourself in this. Or worse yet, let's say you are having a bad day, a bad week, a bad year, or a bad life. Then maybe you need to do the opposite of what everyone else does. It turns out that if you swap the positions of the ones and zeros in 101010 you get 010101 which is 21 in binary. Black Jack! So if your life can be summed up by the statement: If I didn't have bad luck I'd have no luck at all. Then maybe 21 is your luck number!

What can you do with your lucky number? Well I am not altogether certain. After all, I cannot suggest that you gamble with it because that could be immoral to some of you and others of you have no self control and might end up loosing your entire salary on lottery tickets. Let me make another suggestion. Contemplate completeness and wholeness and then you should smile. There now. That wasn't fattening, illegal, or immoral and it did not cost you a thing.