Changing Your Wordpress Template

After you have successfully installed Wordpress, you are going to want to customize it.

'Out of the box', Wordpress comes with two built in themes. These two themes are 'Wordpress Classic' and 'Wordpress Default'; chances are you've seen them on a million different blogs and they both leave a lot to be desired.

Wordpress Design TabTo see what themes you currently have available, login to the Wordpress administrator dashboard, then click the Design tab. You should automatically be taken to the Themes section under the Design tab, but if not, click the 'Themes' link.

Up top you will be shown your 'Current Theme' and below you will see which themes are currently available. If you want to change to another 'Available Theme', just click it. The theme should pop up in a separate layer with an 'Activate Theme' link in the top right corner; click this to activate this theme.

Next you are going to want to hunt down a new Wordpress theme to implement on your blog.
Thousands of free templates are available directly from wordpress, you can find them here.

There are plenty of free premium wordpress themes available if you hunt around the web as well. A lot of them include a link in the footer that links back to the authors web site in exchange for the beautiful free theme.

Once you've downloaded the theme you would like to use. Unzip it on your desktop leaving it in a folder.

Next use an FTP client to login to your web server and locate the folder 'wp-content/themes'

Once you've located this folder, copy the folder you unzipped on your desktop into this folder on the server. It may take a minute to upload all the corresponding template files.

After the files have finished uploading, if you login to the administrator dashboard, and goto Design -> Themes, you should see your new template and can't activate it with the click of a button.

Congratulations, you now know how to change your blog's Wordpress Theme