A humidifier is an appliance that is not only going to help dry the air but also help prevent health issues and damage to our furniture.

It is important to change the humidifier filter regularly. This would not only prolong the life of the humidifier but also improve its performance and bring more benefits to you and your family.

To change the humidifier filter, you would need to turn the humidifier off. Then, unplug the humidifier. This is important, because this would help preserve the mechanism that actually runs the humidifier. This will also prevent the risk of electrical shock or any other similar accidents from happening.

Next, remove the water tank or the water reservoir. This usually detaches itself when you pull it up. Then, take out any remaining water in the tank, and you can then disinfect the humidifier.

This will help prevent the growth of bacteria and mold spores in the tank. You can put cool water in the tank and add a tablespoon of household bleach. Let the solution sit and set the tank aside for 20 minutes.

Remember to cover the tank to keep the fumes in. Rinse the tank with cool water after 20 minutes. Wipe the outside of the tank with a damp cloth.

Lift and remove the plastics encasing the motor. You can vacuum or wipe the inside of the encasement and as well as the motor. This will help improve the performance of your humidifier and prolong its life as well.

Lift the humidifier filter to take it out. Check your product manual. Your product may have a humidifier filter that could be washed.

If so, then you can vacuum the dust residue off the humidifier filter then soak it in a basin of cool water to remove the scale.

Do not wring the wick filter. You can slip the filter on its stand easily after cleaning. Replacement filters like that of the Honeywell HAC504 slip on as easily as well.

Before you replace your humidifier filter, remember to clean the base of your humidifier as well. After everything has been done, you can reassemble your humidifier, plug it in and turn it back on.

Keeping the humidifier in tip-top shape will bring you more days with better air to breathe at home.

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