Keyless Remote TransmitterHave you ever been frustrated by running to your Jeep Grand Cherokee in the rain and pressing the keyless remote door opener and nothing happens? You keep pressing the open button as the rain keeps coming down until you give up and use the actual door key to open the car. The problem with the transmitter may be as simple as dead batteries. The fix is easy. This article will take you through the steps to change the batteries in the remote to give you another one to two years of service.

Things You Will Need

Replacement batteries, Thin coin or flat head screwdriver

Step 1

Keyless Transmitter Slot

Look for a small indention along the seam of the two halves near the "PANIC" button on one side of the remote. Set the transmitter facing down flat on a table or other flat surface. Using a thin coin or flat blade screwdriver, pry the two halves apart at this indention.

Step 2

Make note of the polarity of the batteries. Usually the "+" is facing toward the circuit board. Remove the two batteries and replace them with the same type and voltage. Most Grand Cherokees use two Panasonic CR2016 batteries but other brands are available that are equivalent. Just make sure that they cross reference as such. Be careful not to touch the surface of the batteries or the circuit board as body oils can cause deterioration and shorten the batteries life.

Step 3

keyless batteries

After replacing the batteries, snap the two halves back together making sure that the rubber gasket is properly seated in the channel of the two halves. Make sure that there is an even space between the two halves all the way around the transmitter and you are back in business.

Replacing the batteries in the Jeep Grand Cherokee remote transmitter is simple, so why pay someone else to change them when you can easily do it yourself.

Tips & Warnings

If you accidentally touch the surface of one of the batteries you can clean it with rubbing alcohol.