Cotton bed linens are very comfortable and inexpensive. However, you might want to give your room different patterns and textures just by bringing in new colors. Here are a few tips for making the most of cotton bed linens.

Mix in patterns. You might be scared of patterns simply because they might seem too feminine or juvenile. However pattern can add a lot of interest to any space. If you don't know how to add pattern start off with a solid colored comforter as well as a plain sheet set. Then change out one of the sheets for a tone on tone floral print. This is a very soft and feminine look that isn't too over the top or frilly. This also ensures that your bed looks different from everyone else's.

Cotton bed linens don't have to be boring. They can either be very daring and bold or feminine and soft depending on the look that you are going for. You can find fun retro prints for a teens' dream room or just a modern inspired master bedroom. These will probably focus on bright colors such as red, orange, and green. They will probably have an intricate pattern on them such as intertwined circles. This can be the jumping off point for your entire room color palette. However, you want to make sure that the colors aren't so loud that they keep you up at night. In this case you want to bring in a lot of solid fabrics throughout the rest of the room so your patterned sheet set or duvet cover really pops and it isn't too overwhelming.

Changing up your bedding is an easy way to change the entire look of a bedroom set. For instance wood and iron furniture is almost always in style. However, you might want to get a new look after having the same bedroom furniture for several years. In this case it will be helpful to just bring in some bright white cotton bedding. This will give the set a completely new and interesting look without changing the furniture or buying new pieces. You can have several luxurious items such as ribbon detailing as well as monograms for designer touches. These details can be in any color you choose simply because the white background will work with almost anything and gives you the opportunity to bring in a touch of subtle color.

Mix and match patterns and finishes. You can find several stripes as well as diamond patterns that will work well together if they are in the same color palette. This allows you to build your bed set over time and take advantage of any stray sheets that you find in a white sale. Cotton fabrics will almost always go together and help you create a cohesive design style from items that you pick up inexpensively.

Another way to add interest into your bedding is to just go with a high contrast look. You might want neutral colors for an enduring design style; in this case black and white work very well together. You can mix black and white sheets and comforters to create a one-of-a-kind look that will really pop. This is great for a modern or contemporary room and it can also work for both genders.