Different Ways of Changing Your Reader's View

          The next two paragraphs are both about the same event, a high school football game, but after reading you will be able to tell that they are completely different. One will be making the event seem very positive and the other will make the event seem very negative. Go ahead and read the two paragraphs and then I will explain the ways I changed them. 

Description 1-positive

           The massive lights, towering the football field and the stone stands, seem to make the whole neighborhood shine. The smell of winter right around the corner gives me an excited feeling, and the cold wind hits me just right, sending a chill through my body.  Nachos and popcorn send a pleasant smell throughout the stands, and I taste the sweetness from a cold Pepsi. As I enjoy watching the game, the announcer is loudly heard throughout the neighborhood, as he brings even more excitement to the game.

Description 2-negative          

           The oversized lights, leaning over the football field and the uncomfortable stone stands, seem to blind everybody within sight.  The chilling feeling of winter, creeping around the corner, gives me an anxious feeling, and the chilling wind makes my teeth chatter.  Nachos and popcorn send a stench throughout the stands and I taste the flatness of a warm Pepsi. As I dread throughout this long game, the announcer screeches over the intercom and can be heard far into the neighborhood, as he keeps announcing this long game.

             In writing the descriptions differing in a setting, I used most of the strategies for creating rhetorical effects discussed earlier in the text.  Between the first and second description, I changed my angle of vision drastically from positive to negative.  The different word choices I used in the two descriptions changed the view immensely. For example, in the first description, I used “shine” and “excited”, and in the second, I used words like “anxious” and “screeches”. I also created different effects by changing the details of certain things. For example, I wrote that the announcer “Keeps announcing this long game.  By describing something in a positive and negative way, you can really influence the reader, and their opinion. Also, just by the words you use, can really change the reader’s view of the setting completely.