Writing is always a means of inspiration. The most knowledge that has ever been shared in the world has been accomplished through writing. If you are a writer and are finding that you are having a hard time getting out of your head what you want to write, there are a few things that you can do to solve your dilemma.

The number one reason that people do not succeed in writing or have trouble writing is due to the fact that they do not start to write. They sit and think and think and go no where. If you want to write, just choose a general topic of interest and start to put something on paper, or on the computer screen. Go with whatever comes to mind. it does not have to be rehearsed, nor does it have to make any sense to you at the time of writing. If you just make up your mind to write, you will find that you gain a lot of clarity and can spit out a lot of good material while doing so. This is how to channel when writing.

Channeling information during writing or anytime for that matter, comes when you choose to work for the higher good or when you share information from the heart. The more openly you can express something and the more devoted you are to a task such as writing and the more of an effort you make, the easier it will become to write and share information and knowledge. People who are professional speakers sometimes use channeling to convey what they are trying to say. People who have no fear of speaking and writing are usually the most prolific writers and talkers of their time. If you want to be able to channel information, just dedicate yourself to your task, get focused and clear and then start pulling it out of yourself. You will find that when you start to channel, you will receive more information intuitively as well that will assist you in whatever medium you are choosing to channel in. This is the best way to channel when writing. If you stick to your agenda and you continue to write what you feel is important, more information will come and keep coming over time. It's good to have a break as well, and do some quiet contemplation, but once you are on a roll, the information will just keep coming and coming and soon you will find that you will be able to write on just about anything with no prior knowledge of a subject. You literally have all the knowledge of the universe right inside of you.