Have you ever wondered how much time you've talked on your phone? It doesn't always come in handy but if you are planning to buy a used phone from somebody you want to make sure it hasn't had thousands of hours of talk time.

This tutorial may work on other RIM Blackberry phones as well, but I have never double checked.

The models I know it will work on are:

Blackberry 8100 Series (Pearl)
Blackberry 8200 Series (Pearl Flip)
Blackberry 8300 Series (Blackberry Curve)
Blackberry 8800 series (Blackberry world edition)
Blackberry 8900 Series (Curve 2/Javalin)
Blackberry 9000 Series (Bold)
Blackberry 9500 Series (Storm)

Things You Will Need

A powered up Blackberry Smart Phone

Step 1

Turn on the Blackberry

Step 2

Click the green dial button; you will be brought to your call history.

Step 3

Click the Blackberry button (the menu button)

Step 4

Scroll down until you find Status; click it

Step 5

You will be brought to the 'Phone Info' section of the phone. Here you will find the phone's number, the length of the 'last call' and the 'total calls' which is the total talk time on the device. If the device says the total talk time is '12:41:38' it means the phone has been talked on for 12 hours, 41 minutes and 38 seconds.

This is a neat trick to see how much you've used your phone but is especially important if you plan on buying a used phone. If somebody tells you the phone is brand new, always check the talk time. You don't want a phone that has been used excessively.

Tips & Warnings