Change up your routine!

Sometimes when we do the same thing over and over it gets boring. Change your routine! This is easy to do no matter what your day is like. If you are going to school, try to use a different route when you are walking to class. If you are at work maybe you can go somewhere else for lunch instead of your usual lunch. Even doing something small like using a crazy wacky pencil one day can cheer you up. Have you tried talking to different people at work or school? This will make you happier not just because it changes your routine but because you'll be able to meet new friends or bond with old friends.

Try Something New!

It always cheers me up when I'm upset. If you are usually the quiet type maybe you can try talking to more people and different people. When you are able to do something successfully that you usually don't do makes you feel invincible. If you don't go to parties try to go to a party today, maybe not a super wild one but a little one.

One thing I have to warn you about is that this method does not work if you don't give it your all. You can't try new things half heartedly you have to give it everything you have and try your best. That is how you get the best results. For example if you don't usually go to dances, then go to one and just let go and have some fun. Try your best to dance the way you want to, it doesn't have to be complicated  just jumping and fist pumping will do.

On the other hand if you are the type that is always around people and going to parties try taking out a book and reading it. I know this sounds ridiculous to you because this is "boring and for nerds", but you'll be surprised how much fun it is. I was surprised when I found a book I liked I couldn't put it down, and I used to hate reading. Reading a book also puts you in a whole different world you can explore. It also lets you become another person too.

Maybe you can try a new restaurant which sells a type of food you've never eaten before.

Find a hobby

Start a collection! Some people are happy when they find something they can add to their special collection. Some people collect stamps, others collect leaves, no matter what it is you collect it makes life exciting every time you unexpectedly find something for your collection.

You can also try to learn how to play a new instrument. If you are up for a challenge try writing a song.

Go to a park and feed the birds and animals. Unless this is prohibited, if it's prohibited you did NOT get the idea from me.

Try cooking. Then afterward you get to eat your creation! Everything tastes better when you make it yourself.


  • Go to the spa
  • Take a bubble bath
  • Make a home made mask and use it
  • Watch some television (but not too much!)
  • Read a book
  • Take a 20 minute nap in the middle of your day
  • SLEEP! (9 hours is the recommended time, not too much more and try to not sleep less)
  • Read inspiring quotes ( try for quotes)

Write/Talk things out

This is the method I use the most. Sigmund Freud, a famous psychologist, believed that this is the best way to get out all the bad feelings and I have to agree with Dr. Freud.

If you haven't yet you should create a blog or multiple. Maybe one as a diary to write about everything you feel in to it and another one to just to post funny things you found on the web or thought of.

Start a diary. Blogging is fun and great but nothing beats being able to write the words out with a pencil.

Talk to a friend about it or see if your friend wants to talk about what is bothering them. Remember not to push them though because that might just make it worse.

Sit down and spend 25 minutes writing about anything you want and don't stop until the time is up.

Write a little story or a poem.

Do something sweet and unexpected for the person that is upset

  • Send them a cute E-card
  • Write them a letter and send it
  • Bring them their favorite food/snack
  • Tell them how much you care about them
  • Bring them some where to have fun
  • Give them a random little gift
  • Write compliments on little pieces of paper and put it places they will probably look through
  • Find them cute quotes to show them they are amazing and you care
  • Write them a poem
  • Bring them their favorite flower
  • Give them a random hug
  • Plan something fun for them to do like a scavenger or treasure hunt (if you need help I have some helpful tutorials on creating a fun hunt which you can get to from my profile)


When you exercise chemicals are released in your brain making you feel better so you should try exercising.

You don't have to do something really strenuous. Anything that gets you away from the couch or computer is fine.

Try these:

  • Doing some ab workouts
  • Take a 30 minute walk (or 15 if you are on a time crunch)
  • Go for a run
  • Go swimming
  • Play your favorite sport
  • Go canoeing
  • Dance to your favorite music


In the end, it doesn't really matter what you do. Try to let go what is bothering you and take life as the present. Things might not be great right now but they will always get better. Life is a rollercoaster so hold on and have fun on the ride.


This is just a short list there are a ton of other things you can do to cheer yourself or someone you care about up. I hope this helps make your life a little bit sunnier.