ATT iPhone

The time has come for a new phone! Perhaps you are looking to switch carriers or you already are an AT&T wireless customer looking to change or upgrade your phone. Either way, selecting the right cell phone that fits your needs and budget is an important decision that takes a bit of research. Remember, you spend a ton of time with a cell phone so follow these steps to be happy with your AT&T phone decision.

Things You Will Need

The only thing you will need is internet access!

Step 1

Visit the AT&T Wireless website to view the latest phone selection. As we all know, the models are being released and updated frequently so their website should have the latest ones.

Step 2

Select the "Cell Phone Devices" option under the "Shop" tab. Next, browse the cell phones by style or by manufacturer. For example, you can view by camera phones, smartphones/PDA, free cell phones, or by manufacturers like Apple and Blackberry.

Step 3

Select an AT&T phone that interests you to find more detailed information regarding that model. Go through the "Details" tab to view the main features of the cell phone. Also read the reviews, these can provide some good insight from actual customers.

Step 4

Compare another AT&T phone or phones that you are considering. Compare and contrast the pricing, features, reviews, and anything else that is important to your ultimate decision.

Step 5

Continue to research the phone that you have decided on before your purchase. This can be done on any search engine and video reviews/tutorials are helpful. This isn't necessary for everyone but some consumers like to feel confident before they make a purchase like this.

Follow these steps and you will soon have a new AT&T phone to call your own!

Tips & Warnings

Consider additional costs when deciding on an AT&T phone. For example, an iPhone or Blackberry may require an internet/data plan which is an additional fee each month.