Looking for a Christian Debt Consolidation Company?

If you are pursuing debt consolidation as a solution for your debt issues, you will need to choose the right provider. To do so you will need to determine what qualities are most important in a Christian debt consolidation company and what factors are most critical to your own debt situation. You will also need to ensure that the company you choose is reputable and truly run with Christian principles.

Determine Your Debt Needs

If you haven't already, sit down and list all of your debts, interest rates, and payment information. Now is also a good time to write down your budget – your net income and your itemized expenses. This will help you determine how much you are currently paying in interest and how much you can afford to pay monthly towards a debt consolidation loan. This in turn will help you to find a consolidation company that meets your needs.

Eliminate Debt

The most important criteria for choosing a debt consolidation company is to find a company that is trustworthy. Inquire about professional associations and ask for customer testimonials. Don't assume that just because a company claims to be Christian that they can be trusted.

Finding a Truly Christian Organization

Unfortunately, there are Christian debt relief companies which are Christian in name only. You want to avoid these and instead find a company that runs according to biblical standards. Look for a non-profit status or ask questions about their faith-based approach. A reputable company should offer a free consultation, so set up a meeting and find out what the company has to offer.

Once you find a Christian company that you trust to handle your finances and provide biblically-based guidance, you will then need to evaluate the services provided and the associated fees. Will a comprehensive program be developed to help you not only pay off your debt but to also avoid debt in the future? Will the interest rate and fees be low enough to actually save you money through consolidation?

When you evaluate a Christian debt consolidation company, compare their rates and services to non-Christian providers to be sure you are getting a competitive deal. If you are having trouble finding a reputable Christian company in your area, talk with your Pastor or other church members to see if they can recommend anyone.

Finally, always check with the Better Business Bureau before deciding on any financial organization to assist you with your debt. This applies whether they are a Christian organization or not.