Kanha National Park

Bengal Tiger
Credit: Teerath Singh

Bengal Tiger Walking -  Kanha National Park in Central India.

About Kanha National Park

Central Indian Tiger Reserve

Situated in the Indian State of Madhya Pradesh in Districts of Mandla and Balaghat Kanha National Park is a tiger heaven. It is one of the best managed parks in the World. The destination offers the best chance to see the tiger in the wild hence the popularity.  In recent times a large number of films on nature have been made here. 

The National Park has become a regular haunt for wildlife photographers, film makers and writers from all over the World. It is most  visited by holiday makers on tiger safari. Hence a large number of tourists find their way here.  A substantial numbers of International Tourists arrive here every years during the winter months. All the visit create a demand for accommodation since many stay for three nights and more. 

Many hotels and resorts have been built near Kanha National Park for accommodation. Some government accommodations are also available.

Courtyard House Hotel

Wildlife Resort

Kanha Hotel
Credit: Nilesh Agrawal

A photo of Courtyard House at Kanha National Park in MP in india

Accommodations in Kanha


There are more than forty accommodations available near the National Park. The properties range from budget to luxury with one or two five star hotels.  Hence when you seek a property you have to first decide how much you wish to spend on a stay. Since mid segment properties offer comfortable  rooms with luxurious settings you can over rule more costlier option. There is no dearth of such places near Kanha.

Most of the hotels and resorts are situated at Khatia Gate, Mukki Gate and Mochha Township. These luxury accommodations near Kanha are within the driving distances from the respective gates.  Remember there is a limit to the number of vehicles that can enter the park on safari hence you book the gate entry before you book a stay.     

Do not visit the park during holidays since there is a rush and rooms may not be available. The prices will also be sky high with no bargains available at all. During the rest of the season you can expect ten to twenty percent discount on rooms. Food is not available at less price but if you choose a vegetarian fare it will be less costly.    

Kanha Resort


Tented Camp
Credit: Shergarh

Shergarh Camp Near Mukki at Kanha

Best Options

Get the best

The hotels in Kanha offer three plans for a stay. The most comprehensive plan is the Jungle Plan or JP which includes all meals, stay, two safaris per day and jeep cost. Beverages and extra meals are not included in this.

The other one is the American Plan or AP. This includes all meals plus stay only. The last option is to stay on room basis only and pay for everything else. This plan suits the local visitors while JP suits the inbound tourists. American Plan can be chosen if regular safari is not to be availed.   

Before making a booking you should compare the prices. This can be done through telephone, email or by visiting the websites. Depending upon the occupancy the hotels in Kanha National Park offer discounts which can be substantial. You can also ask the tour operators to offer their best rates so that you can compare them with direct booking rates. The tour operators get bulk discounts  from lodges so you cannot match the package prices. Availing tour packages is the best way to travel in India.