Glass Artwork
Credit: google images

Moving into a new home can be an exciting time for anyone.  One of the best parts of buying a new home is decorating it and taking it from an empty space to a spectacular place.  A major step in decorating is the purchase of artwork that will be arranged throughout your home.  There is so much artwork on the market; people can become confused about what type of artwork they should be looking for.  Below is your guide for choosing artwork for your home.

  1.  Paint Colors.  Look for artwork with color similar to the paint color of the walls in the room where it will be hung.  You can pick out pieces with specks of colors from your wall; this highlights the picture more and brings the colors of the wall forward.
  2. Budget.  Decide how much you are willing to spend on your artwork.  Are you looking for original pieces, limited editions or prints?  The answer to these questions will determine how much money needs to be spent on the art.  If you have a limited budget prints will work for you.  To make the prints look better have them matted and look for inexpensive frames that look to be of high quality to polish the look of the artwork.
  3. Size Matters.  Based on where you are likely to display your art make sure the art you choose is size appropriate for the space.  You can group smaller pieces to fill a larger area or look for one large piece.  In smaller narrow spaces portrait oriented art will be best. 
  4. Tone.  What do you want to feel as you enter the space?  Many people like rooms that seem warm and inviting, while others prefer an almost museum quality to their room.  Depending on the tone you want to set for a space you should pick art that best reflects that feeling.  
  5. Furniture.  The style of furniture in the room must be taken into account when choosing art.  If the furniture is contemporary then the artwork should be contemporary as well and so on. Rugs, lighting and pillows should also be taken into consideration.  The artwork along with the furniture should make a complete decorative picture.

As you are beginning your searches for artwork remember that the paint colors, budget, size, tone and furniture must be taken into account.  This will help you to transform your new home into your personal showplace.