Though `Happy Birthday to You' is still used in all birthday parties, time are changing fast.

During the good old days, this was the only song that one could hear in birthday parties, but nowadays things are changing at a rapid pace. The modern generation youth want more current generation songs to enliven up a birthday party.

Check out the planning stage of any such party and you will find that lots of importance is given to birthday music as well.

Those amongst us, who are affluent enough, go as far as utilizing the services of disk jockeys to play birthday centric music during our kid's birthday parties.

The kids too love this trend. They are familiar with most new songs and prefer them to the strains of old classical music.

Keeping these things in mind, a number of new organizations have sprouted up who specialize in composing and conducting birthday music only.

Check out the song section of any popular music store or pay a visit to the countless online stores that specialize in music and you will be awed to find the huge number of titles available there that are birthday specific.

In fact the sales of this type of music contribute a decent percentage of the earnings of such sites. The modern generation youth is redefining the rules of the game and they want birthday parties to be celebrated with much more fanfare than ever before.

They are also more demanding and want a twist to the music that is played during various games that are popular at birthday parties.

If you have visited any such party lately, you might have found that the birthday music being played during the musical chairs a lot different than that you used to hear during your childhood.

This well reflects the changes that are taking place with kids of the current generation.

You might not be aware, but you too had requested a change in the way music was played during your birthday parties… when you were young.

Obviously, you will not accept this point, but ask your parents and they will confirm the same.

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