Custom window treatments, such as curtains and blinds for a window covering are a great way decorate your windows. Curtains and blinds are two different options for custom window treatments that you might choose for a window covering depending on the style of your home. For more window treatment ideas, such as custom drapes and window draperies, follow these steps for decorating your windows.

Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
•    Curtains and blinds
•    custom drapes
•    window draperies
•    Silk curtain (if you choose)
•    Sheer curtain


How to Decorate your Home living room doorsStep 1
Choose custom drapes. These custom window treatments come in a variety of colors, styles, and weights. Dupioni silk curtain fabrics have a luxurious depth of color and add a richness to your living room or bedroom. Typically heavy drapes are best for cold winters so they provide insulation as well as good style. A sheer curtain in the summertime allow filtered light to pass through your living room curtains into your living space instead of harsh sunlight that will heat it up. Get inspiration for your window treatment ideas from the other fabrics in your room, such as your couch or bedding. If you prefer a sleeker look than fabric window draperies, blinds have come a long way in design. Bamboo is a popular choice for a natural, contemporary look. . Your window covering, both curtains and blinds should coordinate with these elements in your décor.

Add a swag or valence to your window covering to give your living room curtains more presence. These elements give your custom window treatments a “top” to the framed effect that the custom drapes start on the side. As a general rule, you should use the same material for this part as the rest of the window draperies you chose. If you choose a silk curtain, choose a silk swag. However, your bedroom and living room curtains can be a different color from the valence, as long as they coordinate with your room. Get window treatment ideas from your décor. A contemporary or country home would look nice with valences, whereas a traditional home would be enhanced with a sheer curtain, drapes, and a swag. Remember to focus on the colors and textures when you choose curtains and blinds.

How to Decorate your Home bedroomCredit: Amberdawn 2011Step 3
Choose a decorative curtain rod to support your custom window treatments. Whether you have a Silk curtain or sheer curtain, the rod’s color and material should match the colors and textures you’ve used in your room. If you have natural wood furniture, get your window treatment ideas from it for your rod. You might choose a rod in the same wood tone for your custom drapes. If you have black cast iron hardware on your drawers, a complementary rod to support your window draperies, curtains and blinds is a good choice. Also pay attention to the design on the ends. These too can match drawer hardware and add an artistic flair to your living room curtains for your window covering.

Step 4
Add decorative tie-backs to your custom window treatments to hold your living room curtains open. These can be made of fabric and button the custom drapes back, holding them in place. Or you can select metal or wooden holders for your window covering that are mounted on your wall to sweep your window draperies behind. You can mix and match fabrics, having the tie-back hold your silk curtain back while allowing the sheer curtain to stay closed and filter the sunlight coming in. Like the curtains and blinds, get window treatment  ideas from the fabrics or materials and colors in your décor. 


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