When we buy toys for children we would always want to pick good quality toys that will last, but in addition we should also think about the educational value of the toy. There are many toys that, not only being fun for a child, also provide an opportunity to learn different skills. These skills can vary between motor skills such as hand eye coordination, to learning their letters, numbers or spelling. However a toy must also be entertaining for a child so that he enjoys playing with it while he is learning valuable lessons.

Some of the toys that have been popular for many years are still among the top chooses that parents make when they buy a new toy. Toys such as Legos or simple building blocks are as popular today as they were fifty years ago for good reasons. Although they have changed over the years to reflect improvements in materials etc they are essentially the same as they were when parents and even grandparents were children.

Newer toys, such as interactive electronic toys, have also become very popular in recent years and there are some good quality products in this area to choose from. Children can learn their alphabet with LeapFrog Scribble and Write which encourages children to trace out their letters, as well as simple shapes and numbers. Another popular electronic toy is the Vtech Tote and Go Laptop which is also an enjoyable way for children to learn letters and numbers while pretending to use a laptop like Mum or Dad. Both of these interactive toys are well made and durable and good value for money.

Musical toys are a great way encourage learning while having fun. Listening to classical music, or learning an instrument, has been shown to encourage the development of a child's brain and to improve spacial skills. There are some marvelous musical toys available that are interactive, fun and make melodic sounds that won't be an annoyance to any adults around. For example the Melody Harp by Trophy Music is a small instrument that is easy to play and makes a lovely sound. It uses music sheets that slot into the body of the harp. Children play the harp by using the stylus to connect dots on the sheets. Easy and effective!

A simple type of toy for young children who are just starting to walk are the pull toys. Two of our favorites are the Plan Toy Dancing Alligator and the Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Frolicking Frog. Both of these toys are made from wood and are good quality and durable. The Dancing Alligator makes a clacking noise and wiggles as it is pulled along to delight any small child.

Another type of very simple toy for a child to learn their alphabet are ABC puzzles and blocks. Choose a good quality wooden puzzle such as the Melissa and Doug Jumbo ABC Chunky Puzzle so that it lasts.

As you can see there are many good quality educational toys to choose from. Our children can have fun and we can be sure they are learning vital skills while they play.