As we continue to become aware of our daily impact on the environment, green options for the home become more important to us. This article will explore some of the products to consider when you choose green flooring.

Things You Will Need

  • Internet access

Step 1

If you like hardwood flooring, consider bamboo. Although it is technically a grass, bamboo is very hard and scratch resistant. It can also be planted and harvested up to eight times faster than traditional hardwood flooring, which makes it a popular green option.

Step 2

If you are determined to install hardwood flooring in your home, there are many sources out there for reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood flooring typically comes from older homes or commercial spaces that are being remodeled or torn down. Many cities and towns have businesses that deal exclusively in reclaimed materials, be it wood flooring, antique light fixtures, claw foot tubs, etc. Recycle and choose reclaimed flooring for a green option when installing a new floor in your home.

Step 3

Cork is another option when choosing green flooring. It is a natural, renewable product that has recently become popular for flooring due to many in the wine industry switching over to plastic corks. Cork is not as durable as bamboo or hardwood, but has a softer feel when walking across it. Cork is very flexible and has a 95% recovery rate after 50% compression.

Step 4

If you must have carpet, consider wool carpeting. While expensive, it does offer a very luxurious feel and is of course a renewable option for green flooring. If wool is out of your budget, consider rugs woven from sea grass, sisal, abaca or coir. Coir is made from coconut husks, abaca is in the banana family, and sisal is made from agave plants. Jute is another option for green flooring, but is not as durable as the other choices.

Step 5

Another option that has been gaining in popularity is cement floors. We stripped the carpet out of our home because of allergies, and painted and stained the cement slab before applying a sealant to the floor. There are many options out there for low or no VOC paints and stains. VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compound, and the lower the better.


Tips & Warnings

  • Do further research to determine the type of green flooring that best suits your needs and budget.