How to Make Healthy, Filling Breakfast SandwichesCredit: Annie Mole, you like to know how to choose healthier low carb breakfast foods?  The most important thing to do when it comes to eating healthy, is to shop healthy. Put nutritious products that contain carbs on your shopping list so you have them always on hand. Check the labels of products when you shop for words like "whole wheat,""whole grain" and “high fiber.”  Here are some guidelines weight loss systems use to help you locate healthy alternatives to commonly used starches so you can incorporate more low carb breakfast foods into your diet.


You Will Need: 

Raisin Bran, Multigrain Cheerios, or Whole grain bread
Yogurt or Lowfat Milk

Low-Sugar Cereals

Cereal is pretty traditional for breakfast. And some cereals are better for you than others. Oatmeal, multigrain Cheerios, Kashi products, Shredded Wheat, and raisin bran are a good place to start for weight loss systems that incorporate low carb breakfast foods. 

Whole Wheat

Look for products that say “whole wheat flour” or “multigrain.”  These low carb breakfast items have more nutrients than their white bread counterparts.  Read the ingredients to make sure that the first ingredient is "whole wheat" and not "white flour." White flour is stripped of its fiber and nutrients, so it's not a good choice for weight loss systems.  Some products even advertize these right on the box, which will help you narrow down your research.

High Fiber

Check the fiber content when you are buying cereal, bread for toast, or bagels.  A good place to start for successful weight loss systems is with a minimum of 8 grams of fiber per serving. 

Under 37 Grams

Check the total carbohydrates.  Aim for low carb breakfast foods with under 37 grams per serving.  If you’ve chosen a high fiber product, this is likely to be lower already.  However, some other causes of high carbohydrates are not enough protein, and a high sugar content.  These things are detrimental to weight loss systems, and are best avoided.

Reduce Starches

Supplement your low carb breakfast foods with other nutritious foods.  Use 1% or better yet, lowfat milk in your cereal, or have cold cereal sprinkled on yogurt.  The plain yogurt has the least sugar (and therefore fewer carbs) than any fruit flavored variety.  Have a piece of fruit (berries tend to have less sugar than other fruits) with your cereal or eggs for a balanced breakfast.  Making sensible choices will help with weight loss systems.  Good luck in your search for low carb breakfast foods!