Would you like to know how to choose living room decor for small rooms?  You can have a small space with great design.  There are advantages to having small rooms.  Many smaller pieces in a home decorator's collection cost less, so you will be able to afford higher quality pieces than if you were trying to fill out a large room.  And you will have less to clean!  So if you would like tips on how to choose living room decor for small rooms, read on.


Think about larger, more permanent pieces first.  The most expensive item in your living room décor is the flooring.  Decide if you want to change this first.  Since you pay by the square foot, this is an item that you should think of as an investment, so go for quality from a home decorator's collection.  Don’t be afraid of choosing a dark color if you like them, just be aware that you will want lighter colors for other elements in your room for contrast.


Select a wall color next.  When you choose living room décor for a small space, the safest thing to do it to choose a lighter color, and stick with just one color for all the walls.  This makes the room brighter instead of cave-like, and more cohesive. 


Update your lighting.  A well lit room will look larger and airier.  If your room does not have a lot of natural light, be sure to invest in spot lighting for your living room decor, as well as having at least 2 lamps from a home decorator's collection in different corners that you frequent. 


Choose furniture to scale.  It’s probably obvious that you need to measure carefully if you are choosing small living room décor, or else the pieces just won’t all fit.  In addition, choose “small styles.”  Some couches have thin, sleek looking arm rests that are excellent space savers.  If you will be comfortable in armless chairs, there are beautiful upholstered chairs in some home decorator’s collection inventories that you can look into.  TV stands for flat screen TVs nowadays are perfect for small spaces because they are shorter, have less depth, and can be shorter.  Just be sure to choose one with enough shelves that holds all your components that you need.  Your lamp tables and coffee table, likewise, should simply be a smaller scale.  The colors of these items for your living room decor are a matter of taste; as long as your walls are light colors, dark wood or black will look fine.  But to really create an open, airy look, choose furniture with tempered glass.  This will not only help bounce light around the room, it will also create an optical illusion of a coffee table “disappearing” if you can see straight through the table top to the floor. 


Choose artwork and accessories for your living room decor that are to scale.  Smaller pieces from a home decorator's collection that are spread out will make a room look well balanced and attractive.  Also, one or two small mirrors will help bounce light around just like glass.  Just beware of large mirrors will reflect all your “stuff” which can make the room look cluttered.