Orthotic/Therapeutic Slippers

Orthotic slippers are different from a regular ole' pair of slippers, house shoes, or house slippers. Everyone has different names for slippers although they are generally something more comfortable, lighter and softer than wearing a pair of shoes. Some people need to buy orthotic slippers. Although men wear othotic slippers, women tend to have other foot ailments that make the orthotic necessary. The orthotic slippers are carefully constructed as a support and therapeutic slipper.

Orthotic slippers are slippers that have custom foot support in them. An "orthotic" is something that you put inside your shoes or slipper to help create the right type of support for your feet. Instead of a regular slipper that only has material and an outsole, the orthotic slippers have had features added to them to make them into an orthotic slipper.

Although there are many different types of slippers out there, not all of them can help you heal foot pain or relieve it because of its features. Othotic slippers for women have the arch support, footbeds, adjustable closures, and outsoles that help make it a therapeutic slipper. There are two ways to go about buying orthotic slippers for women. You can either buy the slippers and orthotics separately and put them together to make orthotic slippers or you can buy pre-made orthotic slippers. Buying a pre-made orthotic slipper means that it comes with the necessary orthotic already in the slippers. An example is an orthoheel slipper from the Foot & Ankle Center of Washington.

Things You Will Need

Shoe size
Money or credit card

Step 1

Measure your right foot. To choose orthotic slippers for women you need to have the right size. It is important that you measure the right foot because it is generally the longer foot. It is also important to measure the foot in the morning, so that you get an accurate pre-swelling measurement. Most people's feet swell during the day. If you have edema and need compression stockings then your feet swell quite a bit and you should make sure to measure your feet in the morning, after you have been laying down and your kidneys have processed some of the water in your body.

Step 2

Choose arch support. Women's orthotic slippers need to have the right amount of arch support in them. You can choose different levels of arch support to make the orthotic slippers fit you. It is also important that you get orthotic heels if you need them or heel pads. These are hallmarks of the orthotic slippers and they help to support those who have arch problems, plantar fasciitis, or other support problems that lead to pain. Orthotic slippers can help relieve this pain and also can help correct the problem so that your feet will heal. It can also be helpful to wear shoes for plantar fasciitis and other arch, heel, or sole problems, so that you have support on your feet all the time.

Step 3

Pick out a removable foot bed. If your orthotic slippers need to have a removable foot bed then pick the type you want. In addition to the footbeds pay attention to closure designs, breathable leather, and durable outsoles. When you buy orthotics you want to have room in the slipper so there is a comfortable fit.

Another type of slipper is the Diabetic house slipper. They are comfortable and created for the foot condition. It is important to take care of your feet. Using good foot care products and wearing orthopedic slippers or adding orthotics are all very healthy things to do.

Step 4

Select a women's pair of slippers that has room to fit the orthotic inside them. Not every shoe or pair of slippers will be big enough to adjust to having a removable foot bed in it or an arch support. Because of that it is important that you consider what type of orthotics are going inside the slippers before you buy them.

When choosing the slippers for orthotics make sure that the sole of the slipper is hard. It is important to check the slippers sole so that you are sure the orthotics in the slipper will hold in place.

Orthotic Slippers as Gifts

Orthotic slippers make great gift ideas. When the holiday season comes around it is a practical idea to consider choosing orthotic slippers as a Christmas gift, Kwanza gift, or other holiday gift giving. Oftentimes, it is these types of gifts that are most meaningful because many forgo buying themselves self-care items, such as the orthotic slipper for women. This can be especially true of the elderly. It is always nice to receive personal grooming products and gifts that help increase personal and positive health effectors.

Tips & Warnings

Orthotic slippers are great for when you are off of work and just walking around the house. Their purpose is support while walking, so if you are lounging around and do not need to have shoes on then wearing the orthotic slippers is perfect.

Men's Orthotics Slippers

Although this was aimed at choosing orthotic slippers for women it should be noted that the same practices apply when you are buying men's orthotic slippers. The biggest difference between orthotic slippers for men and women is the size and design.