You might be so afraid to choose paint colors that you just leave everything the way it was when you moved in. This means that the house doesn't have your personal stamp on it and it also means that your room lacks a design direction. You probably don't have the same furniture or artwork that the previous homeowners had and you definitely have a different personality. This means that the paint colors that they used won't work for you. Here are some tips to get over your fear of choosing paint colors.

When in doubt let someone else do the work for you. You might know that you want a yellow room but you don't know how to match yellow with other colors. There are several options for creating a color palette that matches. You could consult a color wheel and then choose the color directly opposite or one of the colors on either side.

Another option for choosing paint colors is to go to the professionals and you don't even have to pay for it. A lot of the paint pamphlets have already put together coordinating palettes. You can also visit design websites. Even TV shows will often put on their webpage the colors they used in the room. A word of caution with this, don't expect your space to look exactly like the designer room. They use a lot of lighting and pick houses specifically for how they can makeover the room. This means that the color will look a lot different if you have less windows, different lighting or smaller rooms to work with.

Use neutrals. If you don't know how to match a bold color with an accent color it's always a safe and wise bet to go with a neutral color. This gives the eye somewhere to rest in your space and also makes sure your room doesn't become oversaturated with color. The color yellow could feel country or traditional when paired with white or cream. For a modern take on it then put it with chocolate brown, or gray. If you want a room that is cheerful without being too bright then match it with a taupe. Sure, this isn't a color scheme that you see everyday but it allows you to play with color in a way that is both exciting and easy to live with at the same time.

You can always ask for help on design forums. You might even be able to use Photoshop to try out different colors in your space although it's unlikely that your monitor will show the exact paint color in your room. This is an easy way to get a basic idea of how a bold or bright color will feel in your room and let you see if it's too dark or dramatic. Sometimes you might think that you want or need a pink entryway until you actually see it in person.

Choosing paint colors should be fun. Sometimes, when you are in the process it just seems exasperating. You might not be able to decide between two shades that look virtually the same. You can always get oversized sample stickers at the paint store or buy small spots of paint to make samples in your room. Sometimes you can end up with a dozen or more samples of colors that all the look the same. Sometimes you just have to jump in and paint the walls. It's just paint after all; it can always be changed.