A vital component of any successful e-Commerce website is a credible, reputable payment services provider that allows you to accept online payments from customers. Whether you're just starting your website or simply want to switch providers, here are the key features and items to look for when choosing payment services.

Things You Will Need

- Business
- Website
- Payment Gateway
- Merchant Account

Step 1

Do they provide encrypted payment processing?

It may seem obvious, but security for your customers should be your top priority. Offering secure payment methods allows customers to make purchase through your website securely, without any worry of fraud or identity theft.

Step 2

How much does the provider charge?

Another main concern should be cost; while you shouldn't pick a payment processor based solely on price, you do need to find one that fits into your budget. Find out if prospective providers offer competitive pricing and if there are any hidden fees you may be required to pay.

Step 3

Does your shopping cart support the payment services provider?

All e-commerce websites use a shopping cart system and while most reputable payment services support most shopping carts, it's imperative to confirm they will work seamlessly together before you sign with a provider.

Step 4

What type of customer service options do they offer?

Make note of the customer service platforms offered by a payment services provider; how well do they handle complaints and disputes and do they respond to all inquiries in a timely manner? Also look for a provider that offers 24/7 support and be wary of any service that offers support via email only.

Step 5

Are they PCI-Compliant?

While compliance with the PCI Compliance Guide is not legally mandated, compliance indicates the provider adheres to strict security guidelines designed to keep consumer information safe.

Step 6

Do they provide dispute resolution?

The best payment services provider offer dispute resolution to help merchants and customers solve payment issues. This can be an extremely important feature to have since too many charge-backs can lead to a closing of the merchant account.

Step 7

What reporting features do they offer?

Before signing a contract, find out what reporting features the payment services provider offers; do they offer batch or real-time reporting? Request a demo or ask to speak to a customer service representative who can explain what types of reporting they offer and how it works. Array

Tips & Warnings

Try and research a few different payment gateways before deciding on one. Some merchant companies will even allow you to test their services before getting locked in to any contracts, so look to take some trial runs beforehand.