Would you like to know how to eat more protein rich foods for breakfast? It's important to have protein early on in your day, because protein gives you more sustainable energy than carbohydrates. This will help you feel more full before lunch, and help you be more productive at work. You can avoid a mid morning crash when you know how to eat more protein and which foods to select for breakfast. This article will teach you how to eat more protein rich foods for breakfast with different meals every day this week, so you don't get bored.


Moderately Easy


How to Choose Protein Rich Foods for Breakfast DailyCredit: Arnold Inuyaki http://www.flickr.com/photos/arndog/1452183686/Make an omelet on Sunday. For a healthy version of an omelet, use 2 egg whites, beat with skim milk, and cook on low in a nonstick pan until the edges look firm. Flip, and when it's finished, add low-fat cheese and cubes of reduced sodium ham. All 4 ingredients are protein rich foods.

Have cereal with milk on Monday. Some cereals contain added protein. One brand I like is Go Lean Crunch. The protein and fiber will make you feel full longer, and it's sweet, so it tastes great! Have it with yogurt for a little variety, since both are protein rich foods.

Grab a protein bar Tuesday morning if you're running late. If you're like me, and like to spend zero time getting breakfast ready, have a Power Bar or similar high protein bar before work. I like Cliff bars best because they are slightly larger and have less sugar than some of the other brands, so these protein rich foods make me feel full for longer.

Eat cottage cheese on Wednesday. You can get traditional, low fat, or fat free cottage cheese. But did you also know there are varieties of cottage cheese that are protein rich foods with added fiber? The two I know of are Fiber One and Breakstones (I prefer the taste and consistency of the latter).

Toast some bagels with cream cheese on Thursday. Actually, a healthier alternative to cream cheese is neufchatel cheese. They're both protein rich foods, and I can't tell the difference in taste or texture to normal cream cheese, so I recommend trying it!

Treat yourself to a yogurt parfait on Friday. I like to cut up some strawberries and bananas and pour strawberry yogurt over it for a sweet treat.

Scramble eggs for breakfast on Saturday. Serve with toast topped with cottage cheese instead of butter. I like to sprinkle a little basil over the cottage cheese for added flavor. And that's it! Enjoy your protein rich foods for breakfast.


*Egg whites are a nutritious source of protein but without all the cholesterol of the yolks.
*Add veggies to your omelet for added health benefit.
*If protein is your priority but cholesterol is not a concern for you and your doctor at this point, and you are having trouble getting used to the taste of just egg whites, try this. I like to buy regular eggs, and scramble 2 eggs. One of the eggs I use whole. The other egg I use the white but throw away the yolk. This way I feel full thanks to the protein, but not too full, and can't tell the difference with the taste. I also like this method instead of buying egg whites prepackaged that contain preservatives.
*Neufchatel is not easy to say, so it's not well advertized! To find it all you need to do is look for a popular cream cheese brand name, like Philadelphia, that advertizes "1/3 less fat." If you read the fine print you'll see it's not called "cream cheese," it's neufchatel.