Do you need ideas for snacks that make you feel full?  You can substitute protein rich foods for traditional snacks.  The trouble is, when you crave sugar and choose chips, cookies, cake, and candy is that you need to eat a lot of them to make you feel full.  So even though you KNOW you need to eat them in moderation, you almost can’t because you end up feeling so hungry!  So to keep those calories from adding up you need to substitute the bulk of your high carb snacks with those that are higher in protein.  Read on to find out how pick tasty snacks that make you feel full. 

Eat breakfast for snack!  If you crave sugar in the evening, try having cereal instead of cookies.  I like Go Lean Crunch cereal. You could eat it like popcorn because it's so sweet, but it will make you feel full quicker than popcorn so it is easier to stick with a small portion. So have it with milk like breakfast, put it in low fat yogurt, or munch a handful of it. Yum!  If you’d like to look for other high protein cereals, look for one that has at least 9grams. 

How to eat healthy snack food(52710)Credit: norwichnuts @ soy crisps instead of potato chips if you prefer something salty and don’t crave sugar. This low carb snack food looks a lot like mini rice cakes, but because they contain protein, they have a bit more substance to them, and will make you feel full when you stick to the serving size. They come in flavors similar to potato chips, such as barbecue and sour cream and onion.  If you don’t see these in the snack isle, check the health foods isle of the grocery store.

Use hummus if you like chips and dip.  It can make you feel full better than dip. You can dip whole wheat crackers or raw veggies. It comes in SO many different flavors, (garlic, lemon, spinach and artichoke, and others) so if you don’t like the first flavor, try others. It is a filling and nutritious low carb snack food, and it's a good source of protein.  You can usually find this near the cheeses or near the prepackaged potato salads.

How to eat healthy snack food(52709)Credit: IainBuchanan @ nuts for more protein.  If the above snacks don’t make you feel full enough, nuts are even more dense.  These are to be eaten in moderation, because they have protein and other nutrients but they also have fat (the "good kind.") One of the better nuts is almonds, and one of the fattier nuts is peanuts.  They’ll make you feel full longer since it’s a low carb snack food that provides protein.  Have a glass or two of water with them and they will definitely make you feel full.

Remember, eating healthy and managing your weight can be difficult. A lot of times our instinct is to eat LESS. While portion control is certainly important, the SUBSTITUTION of healthy foods is also important. If you eat more lean protein and less fat, it will make you feel full and you’ll have better health. So happy munching! For more tips on healthy eating, I've included resource links below. Good luck!