Do you want to be able to enjoy summer patio furniture this season, but you feel like you don't have the space? Maybe you live in a small condo or apartment with a tiny porch. Or maybe your concern is where to keep your patio furniture when the weather gets colder. It is possible to enjoy your porch and sit outside in the sun with your summer patio furniture if you think about the size, material, storage options, and versatility. So if you'd like to know how to choose summer patio furniture when you have limited space, read on.
How to Choose Summer Patio Furniture for Small SpacesCredit: Amberdawn 2011Choose small furniture. Okay, this step is obvious, but it bears saying. Look for compact chairs, such as armless ones, or low Adirondack chairs. Stay away from roomy styles such as lounge chairs or chaise style seating. Small benches can work, but be sure to measure the depth as well as the length. Take the angle of the back into consideration in your measurements. Remember that with chairs people will need to push them back to stand up, so allow 2 to 3 additional feet for your full set. Once you know the measurements of the seating you've chosen, select a round or square table to save space.

Look for stylish lightweight materials, such as lightweight steel with a thin frame. Once you've narrowed down your options by size, choose cast aluminum furniture, steel, or wood, such as teak outdoor furniture. For the lightest summer patio furniture choose pieces with thin frames. Avoid glass top tables which are very heavy and difficult to maneuver when it comes time to store them.
How to Choose Summer Patio Furniture for Small Spaces(52568)Credit: Amberdawn 2011Select foldable furniture. My folding table is partially folded here and doubles as a server in the winter.  If you're worried about storing your summer patio furniture in the winter months, foldable chairs and tables are wonderful options. Foldable cast aluminum furniture as well as teak outdoor furniture are stylish choices and they will save you space when they're stored in a basement or closet.

How to Choose Summer Patio Furniture for Small Spaces(52567)Credit: Amberdawn 2011Determine the room where you'll set up your summer patio furniture in the winter. For me, an entryway in my home was perfect for my patio chairs, and my folding table becomes a serving table in my dining area. I just had to choose patio chairs that work with my interior design.  Select a set of summer patio furniture that matches the décor in this room. This might mean that Hawaiian print seat cushions are not a good option for you (unless you slipcover them in winter). If you keep the color palette of your interior in mind when you choose summer patio furniture, it can make a nice transition from summer outside décor, to indoor pieces. And that's all you need to do to choose summer patio furniture that will fit limited outdoor space, as well as work for homes with little storage space once the weather gets colder. Good luck!
•    Plastic chairs are very light weight, obviously. The reason I didn't include these in step 2 is I haven't seen many foldable ones, and they don't often coordinate with inside décor. Resin wicker outdoor furniture is another option that is lightweight, but I've yet to find a foldable set.