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The automotive battery supplies crucial power for starting your car. It's also the power source, for power for door locks, lights, music, and other added accessories. Without a good functioning battery, Your car is dead. Automotive batteries come in different quality and capacities. The cheaper batteries could prove to be a bad buy to save a few bucks, as they may not last long. Installation and re-installation costs very quickly eat-up any initial savings. You can expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $200 in the US for a new car battery.

Batteries can be bought directly by consumers for the do-it-yourself installation, also through automotive inspection and repair centers and parts stores. Prices can vary dramatically, so a little bit of research can save you the consumer a considerable amount of cash. You can easily save $25 dollars...That's enough to invest in a Battery Tender which will prolong the life and get you years of trouble free service.

The do-it-yourselfers can save themselves money, but they'll need to find a appropriate place for disposing of their old dead batteries lawfully and responsibly. A lot of automotive supply stores really pay cash or give discounts for customers who bring in their old batteries for recycling. Vehicle warranties might cover the cost of battery replacement for a preset time period. Reading through the owner's manual can pay off.

How to Choose The Right Battery For Your Car...

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>>>> First choose the group size...Group size simply means what the volume of the battery is, also as the placement of its positive [+] and negative [-] terminals. Owner's manuals typically indicate the recommended group size required for your particular model. Automotive dealers, service centers, typically offer reference manuals, which will also list which group sizes that correspond to each automobile make and model. A few batteries will be labeled with combination numbers, making them fit for a wide range of automobiles.

>>>> Second choose cold-cranking amps...Cold-Cranking amps tells you the battery's ability to deliver the goods in colder weather. In such conditions, automotive engine oil are made to be thicker, which makes cranking more difficult. A battery's Cold-Cranking amps rating shows how much power it can provide to a car's starter at freezing temperatures

>>>> Third choose the reserve capacity...The reserve capacity lets you know how long your car can run on the batteries power, if the alternator quits to work. This is commonly listed in minutes.

Battery guarantees can vary. This can be an crucial consideration, particularly if a free replacement is provided during the first few months. Occasionally a brand new battery could prove to be faulty shortly after being installed. A warranty will take care of this. Some suppliers are offering 5 year warranties, which are ideal. If you do choose a new battery invest in a inexpensive Battery Tender to. This will ensue years of long life from your battery.

As the buyer, you have a lot more power of choice, if you choose a new car battery before the old one dies. If your battery is completely dead, then you might have less alternatives. Once you are marooned, you'll be at the mercy of the automotive fix-it shops to which the tow truck bring you to.