Traditional Indian wear during Festivals

There is a huge list of Indian festivals; Indian women can actually shop for traditional wear round the year excluding functions like wedding party, engagement party, and birthday parties etc etc the list is endless. Considering this ever increasing demand for new festival clothes, today’s designer stores display a large variety of women wear.

Some of the most common yet elegant dress worn by India women during festive is saris and lehenga.

1. Lehenga:-
A lehenga is a three-piece dress which includes

  • Blouse (choili)
  • Ankle Long gracefully embroidered skirt and
  • Long Scarf (dupatta)

In this particular outfit the upper part i.e. the Blouse (choli) is more exposed than a sari and as it has to match with lehenga, therefore both of them are heavily embroidered to give that elegant look.

Designers use sequins, gems, mirrors along with the embroidery so that the lehenga looks classy and rich. Long Scarf (Dupatta) are of the same or matching color of lehenga or blouse and are usually give a different shade around the borders.Lehengas are usually worn by Indian Brides and also worn during parties and festive seasons.

Benefits of Lehenga over Sari

  •  It is sensual
  •  It is Prestitched so need for drapes
  •  Various styles available

A Sari also has three pieces

  •  Sari
  •  Blouse could be plain or embroidered and
  •  Petticoat usually plain and can be matched with more than one sari.

A sari can be draped in many different ways, and hence it is called the world’s most versatile garment. Saris have various draping styles and because of this the saris can be worn in any occasion i.e. from traditional to sensuous. Saris are upto eight meters in length as some drapes require more cloth.
Petticoats are usually plain and can be matched with more than one sari as it has to be bought separately; its cost is not included in a Sari. As Sari is a single piece of cloth and not stitched from anywhere therefore the safety pins need to attached to the petticoat in the waist and to the lose end (pallu) to the blouse at one shoulder. One should be careful wit the safety pins, if more number of pins are then there is chance that the sari may tear if pulled by accident.

Advantages of a Sari over Lehenga

  • Classic has been defining Indian Beauty since ages
  •  Versatile
  • Sexy

If you are confused with Sari or Lehenga and cannot decide what to wear for that special occasion, here is the third option for you.

3.Salwar Kameez:-

Considering the trendy Salwar Kameez available in the market today, it is a good option to select from as during festivals, women want to look their best and dress the best. Salwar Kameez is not only easy to handle as compared to a sari but also lighter than Lehenga. Anarkali suits are the best if you are looking forward to select to wear Salwar Kameez for your occasion.

Anarkali Suits have flared silhouette and looks not only impressive but also gives you that royal look and is therefore considered the best suit for grand festivals like Diwali and Dussera. Embroidered Anarkali suits is an amazing choice for the grand festivals.

The tips provided above and the comparisons done between Sari, Lehenga and Salwar Kameez are to give you an idea for what to wear.  Selecting a Sari or Lehenga or Salwar Kameez is your individual decision.