Congratulations!  If you’re reading this article you’re probably engaged and starting to think about how to choose a wedding dress.  Choosing wedding dress styles is a lot like choosing any other dress, it’s just that it can feel like the pressure is on brides to look their best on their wedding day when all eyes are on you and photographs will immortalize your nuptials.  When it comes to selecting wedding dress styles that flatter your figure, brides need to carefully consider her best feature, her worst feature, and even her personality.  Being realistic and systematic about your selection can help you narrow down the possibilities; I know because using this method I ended up buying the second bridal gown that I tried on!  So if you want to learn how to choose a figure flattering dress for your wedding, read on!

Bridal Trade ShowsCredit: Emilie raguso if you are a “top” or a “bottom.”  Be on the lookout wedding dress styles that have more detail over the part of your body that you want to accentuate.  Busty brides need to look for wedding dress styles with a showy top.  You can call attention to your chest without showing cleavage, if you so choose.  To do this, look for wedding dress styles with more intricate lace or beading in the bodice and the skirt part can be plainer.  On the other hand, for brides whose butt and thighs are her best assets, or are tall and thin, choose wedding dress styles with a plainer top and a skirt that has lots of beading or lace.

How to Choose Wedding Dress Styles that Will Flatter your FigureCredit: W C Lybbert what necklines you tend to choose when you wear a top for the summer.  Do you like scoop neck T shirts, V neck, halter tops, or can you pull off a tube top?  The neckline you look best in from day to day is most likely available in a wedding dress.  If you wouldn’t be caught dead in a tube top, don’t feel pressured to go with a strapless dress.  A V neck is more flattering for more buxom brides, and many bridal shops have a seamstress who can add beautiful straps onto a dress if you inquire as you’re trying on dresses.  While it’s true there are elegant shrugs available to cover your shoulders or arms, remember, if you are trying to play up your “top,” that shrug needs to be just as fantastic as your wedding dress, or you’ve just covered the best part!  So either choose wisely or stick with wedding dress styles that have a top you’ll be comfortable in without anything over it. 

How to Choose Wedding Dress Styles that Will Flatter your Figure(49629)Credit: dunikowski the silhouette of the skirt.  In step 1 you decided how much detail you should have on the skirt, but now think about the shape of it.  If you’ve decided you’re a “top” and you have chosen to focus on that instead of your bottom, an A-line skirt can hide a bride's problem areas in the butt and thigh.  On the other hand, if you want to show off this area, trumpet or mermaid wedding dress styles will hug these areas and look very feminine. 

Pay attention to color.  Bridal gowns come in white (the effect is that the shadows almost appear blue), off white (which is still very white, just not as cool toned) as well as champagne, which ranges from a yellowish hue to a pinkish hue.  White is flattering on brides with tanned skin, yellow champagne looks best on olive skin, pink champagne looks best on the fairest of brides, and off white is very neutral and would be appropriate for a range of skin tones. 

How to Choose Wedding Dress Styles that Will Flatter your Figure(49628)Credit: joanna8555 what “feels right.”  If you didn’t know, wedding dresses are HEAVY, and a train adds to that weight (especially when bustled).  Beading under your arms can scratch brides to ribbons.  Lace around your neck and leave you raw.  Decide what you can and can’t deal with because if you look like you are in distress, you’ll see it in your wedding photos.  If you have back problems or tire easily, choose a dress that has no train.  For brides with have sensitive skin, embroidery may be more comfortable than beading.  If you’re outgoing, make sure the part you are playing up is over the top.  If your personality is more subdued, the part you are playing up should be elegant, but don’t choose something that makes you feel a little silly in the store, because that will only be amplified on your big day.

How to Choose Wedding Dress Styles that Will Flatter your Figure(49630)Credit: charles chan the process.  Look at lots of wedding dress styles before you buy.  Print pictures of dresses that you love.  Using those decisions you made above (top/bottom, lace/embroidery, shape of skirt, neckline, and color), write the specific reason or reasons you love each dress.  If there’s a list of “must haves” and “must not haves” and write them under the photo.  Know in your mind what you aren’t sure about, and when it comes time to meet with the consultant, let her know “I’m not sure about that, so I’ll try either way.”  I hope you find the dress of your dreams and have an amazing wedding.  Good luck!