Whether you are new to Western competitions or are a seasoned veteran there are certain factors you should consider when selecting your Western show clothes. You should consider the type of show, the color of your horse, your age and shape, and your budget. This article will help you find the Western show clothes appropriate for you !

Possibly the most important factor to consider is the type of show you will be in. If you're new to competition you will want to watch several classes you intend to participate in and carefully watch how the exhibitors are dressed. Are they wearing bright, vibrant patterns or more neutral colors? Are they custom-made or off the rack? This might be a good practice for seasoned competitors as you may have been so involved in the competition you might have missed how the others were dressed. Dress can vary widely so be sure to watch shows that you intend to compete in.

An often overlooked factor when selecting Western show clothes is the color of your horse. Any outfit you buy should compliment your horse. Doing this ensures that the outfit makes you and your horse stand out in a ring of many competitors. Consider the fashion advice given in most women's magazines. Cool or jewel-tone colors look good on brunettes or dark haired women and compliments darker horses (red, blue, green, etc.) while warm colors (yellow, orange, etc.) look good on blondes or with light colored horses. If your horse is black or has a black mane and tail consider selecting clothing that has black accents.

As in other types of fashion you should consider your age and shape. Although a flashy outfit might look cute on someone in one of the kids competitions, it probably isn't appropriate for someone older. Also, if you are somewhat larger, selecting darker colors will look more slimming than bright pastels. Certain patterns and cuts will also be more flattering.

Finally, it's time to discuss your budget. You will find that off the rack clothes tend to be less expensive than custom-made clothing. Off the rack is fine if you are looking for Western show clothes for a local or schooling show. Unfortunately since these outfits are not one of a kind someone else may be wearing the same one in your class. Although some custom outfits can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, you can buy custom clothing affordably. You can control the cost by selecting fabrics and crystals that fit within your budget.

Considering these factors when selecting your Western show clothes will help you find the perfect outfit to complement you and your horse.