You may easily become mixed up by all the varied product types available in the marketplace when you are considering different Windows backup software. You should carefully consider any specific computer needs that you have before you choose a product so that you are sure to select a backup software program that best suits your exact computer needs and the way that you work.

Windows Backup SoftwareOf course, most any package you choose is going to give you the capability to perform a full backup. The basic procedure of complete backups allows you to select the different files and folders desired for backing up. It is crucial to remember that you must do one complete full backup first, even if you intend to do only incremental backups at a future time. Once you have your full backup, going forward you will only be backing up the files on your computer that have been added or have gone through editing changes. Most products make it easy for you to do not only do a manual backup, but also provide the capability to create a schedule so that they run automatically and you therefore won't forget to backup your computer data. In fact, you might want to choose a product that provides continuous data protection through backing up your files practically immediately after they have been edited. This type of protection ensures that you never lose any data on your computer.

You might also have a need for a Windows backup software package that provides a block level backup. The meaning of this is that instead of backing up the whole file, only the pieces of the files that are changed get backed up. This process can be useful if you need the type of functionality that will allow for faster backups.

You also will want to take your disaster recovery plans into consideration when looking for backup software. If the software provides this option, you will have the capability to back up all of the contents on your computer, instead of just the files. If you ever have the need to recover from a disaster, for example a hard drive crash, this will permit you to recover much faster. This is because in addition to your files, you will have all of your program applications and their settings, in addition to the Windows operating system that is included in your backup.

Many people also need media spanning support in their backup software. This will permit you to use multiple CDs or DVDs, or several smaller drives for your backup, instead of being limited to one device. If you typically send backups to storage that is off-site, this can be essential.

There are other aspects that you should take into consideration before choosing a backup software package. For example, it is helpful if it supports multiple backup media types, in addition to the one you plan to use. It is recommended that you also insure that whatever package you choose supports your current Windows operating system.