Imagine a black and white photograph. The picture may have a classical look and can be unique. However, adding color to it is more preferred by most people.

Colors add vibrant to everything. They affect whatever they touch. They stimulate the mood of a person and they can even be used in healing (chromatherapy). That is how colors are important to everyone.

Talking about the significance of colors, their value is highly appreciated in wedding. Wedding colors give justice and atmosphere to the whole wedding event itself.

For the bride and groom, the colors that will go with their wedding motif must perfectly be suitable with their mood. And if they are planning to use a combination of colors, they have to make sure that the combination blends very well.

There are wedding colors that suit the time of the year of your wedding day. If you want to let the seasons help you choose your colors there are different ones for each time of year.

Summer is the season wherein most colors are suitable. It is going to be fun being creative in playing with colors for your wedding as long as the color combination does not look awkward.

As for winter, you can choose from other colors that match your desire and interest aside from the traditional winter-appropriate colors such as red. Some glittering flashes can also create a wonderful winter scene.

These colors can create a unique appearance in your wedding. Even a shade of gray is good for wedding colors since they are gaining the trust of most soon-to-be couples. You can really choose anything you want.

Gray becomes more excellent when paired up with other hues such as pink and yellow. However, some people may feel that gray is too corporate-like to use. Black or brown are other alternatives you can use as a base color and work from there.

There are a lot of colors out there. Don't be afraid to take an adventure in dealing with them and don't be afraid to choose bright colors if that suits your personality.