The Breville Juicer

Breville Juicer

A juice machine or extractor is specially designed to break down the cellulose barriers of vegetables, fruits, herbs and grasses. In breaking down these barriers an abundance of highly beneficial nutrients and living enzymes are concentrated into the resulting juice. When this juice is consumed it is readily absorbed by the body, allowing it to become instantly available for use in revitalizing and rebuilding cells. The nutritional value of juice is concentrated into a single glass, yet yields the benefits of huge quantities of fruits or vegetables.

Very few people get the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables. The amount of produce you would need to consume is much greater than the average person is willing to consume. That's where juicing comes in, it can allow you to get all the nutritional value of your required servings of fruits/vegetables in a single glass. This makes it both fast and convenient.

Drinking fresh juice not only provides these vital enzymes and nutrients, it helps to detoxify the body. This detoxification can help you feel more revitalized and provide more energy.

There are many juicers available, but the type you need will vary depending on how you plan to use your juicer. If you want to juice a few oranges or grapefruit for your morning breakfast, you can choose a simple citrus juicer and it will serve you well. If you want to juice wheatgrass, you're going to need a special wheatgrass juicer designed to handle the unique challenges of this fibrous grass. Most people are looking for a general, all-purpose juicer that can easily accommodate both fruits and vegetables. That's where the Breville juicer really shines through.

Breville makes a line of juicers that vary in individual functions, but the high-quality and superior juicing is always present. The Breville Juice Fountain is available in several models to suit your needs and personal budget; each juicer will give you many years of quality juicing.

When deciding which juicer is right for you, there are several factors to consider:

1. Look for a juicer that extracts the most juice from your produce. A juicer that leaves behind wet pulp is a sure sign you're wasting precious juice.

2. The juicer you choose should process the produce in an efficient manner so as not to break down the nutritional value of the juice.

3. Some juicers create so much oxidation of the juice, it is not stable enough to store in the refrigerator, even for a couple of days. It would need to be consumed immediately and even then, valuable nutrients have been destroyed.

4. The juicer should be easy to use. If it's troublesome to set-up or clean, chances are you won't be using it as often as you'd like.

5. The last point to consider is the quality of the juicer. Be sure to choose a well-trusted and reputable manufacturer. A juicer is an investment and you want one that will give you years of great service.

The Breville Juice Fountain Series come with a powerful Italian motor that delivers power and durability. Its unique cyclonic system maximizes extraction for fast and efficient results and the extra large feed tube allows juicing of whole fruits and vegetables, cutting down on prep time. Whichever Breville juicer you choose, you're going to find juicing an excellent addition to your healthy lifestyle!