What you don't know about choosing careers may cost you.


Choosing a career is more than just getting a job.  A career is more than just choosing a major in college.  When successfully chosen, a career is a reflection of who you are as a person. Your values, dreams and passions.  If you attempt to pursue a career that is not in alignment with who you are, you will be miserable...eventually.  It won't matter how much money you make. Not even the titles or supposed importance of the career will matter. 

If you can first learn about yourself, and what truly inspires you, your career will take care of itself.  That is what this web site is all about.  Learning about yourself, and coming to know yourself well. To recognize work that is a fit for you. Doing work that is in alignment with who you are is the secret to success. 

What you love, you will do with ease.  What you do with ease, you will do well and often, even tirelessly.  This is a difficult concept. Particularly for those that are educated in public education systems.  The approach in public education is very "cookie cutter".  The focus is on pumping out easily managed little robot people.  Children that don't fit the mold are often anesthetized with Ritalin or some other such behavior altering drug. 

Most of us just fall in line and either pursue work in line with our parents expectations. Or perhaps we follow what guidance counselors tell us.  According to my "guidance counselor" in high school, I was best suited for labor work.  Or perhaps a role in the Army.  Not that either of those are bad choices by themselves. It just fascinated me that he could pull these out of the air.

See anyone that didn't love math or sciences in the 1980's was doomed.  I loved communications, and human relationships. I like learning about people and what makes them tick.  People would say, "what ya gonna do with that?  Be a camp counselor and lead people in group hugs and Kum ba ya?"  

Interestingly I have found that I can apply my personality tendencies in many settings.  Some of these include: farm work, forest service work (ie, planting trees, cutting down trees), handy man work, counseling, and corporate executive.  I have been able to find or create my own niche in each of these settings. 

There are many ways to apply who you are to the work you do.  Don't lock yourself into rigid career areas that do not fit you.  If you are clear about what your interests, dreams and passions are, you can identity very profitable work.  You don't have to be just a lawyer, doctor or engineer to be very successful.  In today's world you have many options.  The internet allows you to share your voice, interests, dreams and passions AND become very financially prosperous.

Here are some examples: 
Dan Miller


Dan has made millions selling a book he wrote and sold on line.  His famous "48 Days to the work you love: answers the question "What career should I choose"?

Jim Cockrum

Jim has built an online empire.  He started it all by selling stuff on eBay.

I am happy you have come here for help in choosing a career.

I wrote this article to pursue my passion for helping people grow and develop.  Choosing a career is a very important step. There are few areas in your life that will have more impact than the career you choose.