career servicesHow many of us are truly passionate about what we do in our careers. Do you wake up every morning with a smile on your face because you are looking forward to another day at the office or are you one of those people who lives for the weekends and tries to do as little as possible. Maybe you have a bumper sticker on your car saying “I’m in no hurry, I’m on my way to work”.

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You could be heading towards a change in career direction or you may be choosing a career for the first time. Whatever the reason for choosing a career it is a big step because it is something you will be doing for a lengthy period of time and it will impact your mental status a great deal. When you get back from work you don’t want to feel like you have to scream just to let out your frustration out, but you should rather be feeling refreshed and ready for a new day.

Roger Federer has made a fortune just by playing tennis, but he is passionate about the game and there are a lot more people who have made a name for themselves by doing what they love.  Not all of us can be famous athletes, but it’s possible to make a career of the things you enjoy most.

There are people who have been crazy about video games since they were children and now they have designed their own games. Some hobbies might not pay very well, but what comes first - happiness or money? Some people might say money.

If you always have the greatest weekend and on Sunday you are dreading going back to work because it’s Monday morning again, facing traffic, sitting in your little cubicle, the start of a new week. Maybe it’s time for a change.

This is what you have to ask yourself. Are you looking for safety or are you willing to take a risk at times. Maybe your father always told you that teachers never made money and you should become a bank manager. If teaching is your true passion wouldn’t you be thinking in years to come what if..

Maybe you thought you would do something because it makes money only to find you are working 12 hours a day.

A good assessment of what you should do is to take a career test. This can be done professionally by a counselor and you can also do it online. You will answer questions relating to your interests and personality and you will be assessed.

Another option would be once you have thought of something that interests you is to ask a company or business if you could join them for a few days and see what it’s all about. For example if you keen on photography and thinking of taking it on as a career why don’t you join a newspaper for a week, going out with one of the staff photographer’s and let them tell you what is involved in their work.

Don’t let the passion die!

Dealing with Job Loss

You may be ready for a new career after recently losing your job. This may just be a blessing in disguise.

Job Loss can be a stressful time in your life. Your job identifies a part of who you are. Every morning you wake up and go to work. Now that daily routine is lost. Self-confidence and esteem can be lowered quite dramatically because of the fact that you will probably take the loss personally. You might ask the question why me? What did I do wrong? When there are job openings elsewhere you might not be as confident because it you have been dismissed from your last job and maybe you won’t be able to perform as well.

Grief is a normal part of losing a job. It is something that you don’t have anymore. There might have been a large social network that you would have established during your time at work, which you don’t have anymore. Going through this process of grief can lead to depression and anxiety, but can also build you up to a stronger person. The choice is yours.

 Job Hunting

The worst thing you can do is to say everything is good when it’s not. Join a support network and surround yourself with members of your family that will give you support.

Plan each day and have short-term goals. This could be submitting your job resumes to different companies and agencies, scanning new job positions or maybe looking even looking in to a new venture such as internet or networking jobs. This could also include work at home jobs.

Job Loss Statistics

In February 2010 the unemployment rate was 9.7% in the United States alone. 598,000 jobs were lost in January making it the worst in 34 years. Jobs are set to rebound from 2010 gradually at a 0.6% rate in all sectors. Hopefully this statistic is accurate.

Resume for Jobs

Employers prefer your resume to be in chronological order so they quickly scan over what you have been doing. Don’t duplicate.

Be clear, concise and to the point. If your resume is in essay form your employer will throw it away. The employer only scans the resume.

Be accurate, make sure you have edited your work and your spelling and grammar is correct.

Make sure it is appealing for the reader to reader. The paper should be of good quality and should catch their eye.

Have a cover letter composed of a heading, introduction, body and closing

If you have an interview send an e-mail expressing your appreciation

Job Interviews

With a lot more competition in the job market today it is important to pay attention to all the finer details such your appearance, your use with words or the way you conduct yourself throughout the interview.

Keep your answers short and to the point, selling yourself at the same time. Don’t give your life history to the first person you meet. Be honest because background check will be probably be done on you. Don’t become defensive because this will most likely not go in your favor. It is also important to stay calm, be positive, keep focused and not to answer a question before the interviewer has finished answering the question.