Choosing a church to fits for you can be an extremely difficult and time consuming task. There are so many different churches that visiting all of them is out of the question. However, it is helpful to know what different options are out there before setting on one church to attend. The following steps should help you choose a church that is right for you.

Things You Will Need

A computer and the Internet.

Step 1

Figure out what your fundamental beliefs are. Choosing to attend a church that has differing beliefs than you can be very frustrating and the positives of that church may not make up for it. Your fundamental beliefs should guide you to a certain denomination or a number of denominations. Once you have figured out your beliefs and denominations, you can search the web for churches in your area of that denomination or belief. The following three steps then can be taken while on the website.

Step 2

The worship style of a church can draw people into a church or push people away, depending on the preferences of those people. Some people like a very high liturgical service and others prefer little liturgy at all. Along with this is the style of music at the church. Ask yourself if you prefer traditional hymns or contemporary songs. The style of worship will usually affect the clothing that people wear to the service. Contemporary worship usually means more informal attire; however, just because a church sings traditional hymns does not mean that formal attire is required.

Step 3

If you plan to be at the church for the long run, it is helpful to look at the various ministries and programs that are offered. Does the church have a Sunday school for youth and adults? Does the church have small groups? Does the church have frequent Bible studies? What sorts of missions is the church involved in? These programs and ministries can be started, but unless you want to go through the work of getting them started, choosing a church with some of those might be advantageous.

Step 4

The size of the church is not usually a vital concern, but if you are new to a city and hoping to meet some people at church, a very small church means that there are a very small number of people to meet. This might be needed to be taken into consideration.

Step 5

Once you have a few choices, visit each of the churches. It might be helpful to visit a church at least twice before moving onto the next. Not every Sunday will be how you want the church service to always be, so it is always good to give it another chance. When you are at the new church, consider how you feel there, how the pastor is, how friendly the people are, and whether this is a place you want to be on Sundays for several years. Once you have found a church that you like, speak with the pastor about joining the congregation and get to know the people of the congregation.

Tips & Warnings

Be patient: finding a church that you feel called to may take a while.