Every fireplace needs a fireplace grate. A grate has as few benefits; one being that it helps your fire to burn more efficiently. A good fireplace grate will also create more heat that is thrown back into you home from the fire, up to 20 %, depending on the type of design.

Even though you think of the grate as something that provides a better fire, and just something that you have to have, there are few that have ever thought of it as an expression of you, your personality. I can bet you have never thought about it, have you?

Well, it's true, and not all grates are created equal. There are more than dozens of different styles, designs, colors and sizes.

Your first concern will be the efficiency of the grate. You want to make sure it will be one that will reflect the most heat back into you home and will create a bigger fire at the same time.

Now that you have narrowed that down, time to find one out of that selection that matches your tastes and the style of your home.

Ok…now that you are ready to shop for that special fireplace grate. You can choose from thin to thick, curly to straight, graceful or industrious.

There are so many options that you will have to choose from. You may be worried about how high they are. As long as you have 3 to 6 inches under the grate, you will be fine. This gives enough space to make a great fire, the rest of for your taste and the statement you want to make.

Who wants an old boring fireplace grate just like the ones everyone else has. You want to be different, not functional, you want it to be something of a conversation piece as you and your friends sit around your fire talking and enjoying its' warmth. You should also have something that compliments your fireplace mantel designs.

No more dull grate, just something for the wood to sit on, you will have something that goes well with your fireplace design ideas, something that says, "Now, that's a fire".